rsmp•Easy collection of warehouse waste
•Helps waste segregation
•Simple fixing and trouble-free handling

Available Designs:


The problem of managing warehouse waste is easily and quickly disposed of by hanging the new Beaverswood ‘racksack’ to the end frames around the warehouse. The ‘racksack’ fixes neatly onto most racking and shelving systems that are between 900mm to 1100mm deep, by means of two strong ‘S’ locators. The locators simply hook into the holes of the side profile of the end frames and allow the sack to be quickly removed and emptied. (Locators are supplied)

The ‘racksack’ is made from tough woven polypropylene that will withstand the rigours of a modern warehouse and features three strong handles, one on each side for carrying and one on the base for emptying.

The ‘racksack’ is printed with one of three designs to allow for waste segregation:

•    Mixed Paper & Card
•    Plastic Only
•    General Waste

Dimensions: 800mm high x 920mm wide x 400mm deep. Sold in individual units or packs of 5 or 10.

For further information and a free copy of our catalogue, please contact the sales office Tel: 01189 796 096, Fax 01189 795 715 or

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