sperian_largeIt has been over 15 years since the Personal Protection Equipment at Work Regulations came into force and eye protection is still as essential as ever. With many high-quality products on the market it is hard to distinguish the most suitable for your needs. Arco, the UK’s leading supplier of personal protective equipment, has teamed up with Sperian and developed a classification system to help make selecting their eyewear protection as easy and simple as possible.

The Sperian eyewear brand, previously known as Pulsafe, offers a wide variety of comfortable, high quality and innovative safety eyewear from economical to more technical products. Now Arco’s Big Book has divided Sperian’s product range into three categories; bronze, silver and gold, in a bid to help customers identify which products are suitable for their needs and budget.

Jenny Sims, Product Manager at Arco says: “For the first time Arco has displayed the Sperian range under the Bronze, Silver and Gold banners to simplify what we have on offer. These categories will help customers understand at what level the product fits and what they are getting for their money”.

Sperian 555 Eyeshield and Metalite Safety Spectacles are some of the ranges classed as ‘gold’.

As well as surpassing all relevant safety standards, the range provides the wearer with the ultimate in comfort, fit and protection, styles in the Gold division are highly fashionable. Combining all these factors makes ranges such as the Metalite Safety Spectacle ideal for workers in construction, manufacturing, transport, agriculture and all outside occupations. The sports-inspired frame used in the 555 Eyeshield range provides wearers with all day comfort. All Gold ranges feature the latest in lens technology and adjustability comes as standard to guarantee all wearers an excellent fit.

The Silver ranges include Sperian Protégé and Ignite eyeshields. This group of eye protection looks good and provides great fit and comfort for the wearer. Sperian’s Protégé Eyeshield range is designed to fit a wide variety of faces through the use of Sperian’s floating lens technology. The lightweight Ignite Eyeshield provides maximum comfort and protection whilst maintaining a sleek look through the frameless design.

Sperian’s A800 Eyeshield is in the bonze range. Products in this range provide excellent value for money with spectacles that are lightweight, stylish and close fitting. The A800 is a sporty design that offers comfort at a competitive price. Whilst designing low cost eyewear, safety and protection has not been compromised. All of the styles in Sperian’s Bronze range meet and exceed all relevant standards.

Jenny Sims continues: “Choosing the right kind of eyewear is essential. Eye protection is very important to workers exposed to chemicals, dust, metal splash, radiation, gas and vapour. Anyone can come into one of our 39 branches across the UK where our team of specialists will be able to offer advice on the types of eyewear available”.

As well as good fit and comfort, Sperian offers a variety of lens shades to suit any type of environment. Anti-scratch coating comes as standard with all of Sperian’s eyewear products. In addition to the safety spectacles, Sperian design a range of safety goggles and faceshields which give essential protection.

For more information on
Sperian’s eyewear range go to www.arco.co.uk

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