mr_tatsuo_matsuura.jpgSatisfying European customer demands is a cornerstone of Toyota Industries Corporation’s aim to enhance its position as the world leader in materials handling. Tatsuo Matsuura, Executive Vice President of TICO and President of Toyota Material Handling Group (TMHG), said: “As the world’s largest materials handling market with sophisticated customers and materials handling needs, Europe offers us a unique opportunity for growth and business development. We are committed to continuously improving the products and services that we offer our European customers and welcome the challenge of growing our business in this competitive market region.”

To strengthen its position in Europe and globally, TICO bought BT Industries Group in 2000 in the largest acquisition in TICO history. Starting in 2007, Toyota and BT sales and service operations have been merged in a number of European markets where this would provide even better service and support to customers.

Tatsuo Matsuura also recognised the contributions of former TMHE Chairman Per Zaunders, who retired on 31 March 2008 after nearly two decades with the BT and Toyota organisations. Mr Zaunders was heavily involved in the process of integrating Toyota and BT materials handling operations.

Tatsuo Matsuura said: “Per Zaunders has played an integral part in the success of the TICO, Toyota Material Handling and BT organisations. As the first non-Japanese managing officer at TICO, his unique perspective along with his knowledge and experience has been extremely valuable to our success. We will truly miss him, and we wish him all the best in the future.”

Reflecting on his experience with Toyota and BT, Per Zaunders said: “Merging two global materials handling organisations with complementary strengths – counterbalanced forklifts and quality manufacturing for Toyota, and warehouse equipment and added value services for BT – provided us with a tremendous opportunity to enhance our offer to customers in Europe and globally. Of course, integrating two large organisations with very different business cultures is not easy or straight-forward. The success we have achieved so far is a tribute to the dedicated people of our organisation with their broad range of experiences and backgrounds and their openness to new ideas and ways of working.”

Per Zaunders added: “I think it is very important to recognize the willingness of TICO management to address the requirements of European business. Our organisational approach in Europe lets us respond to European needs while benefiting from TICO’s global resources and contributing to its overall success.”

Per Zaunders has been succeeded as TMHE Chairman by Christer Högberg, who previously served as TMHE President. The new TMHE President is Håkan Dahllöf, who previously served as TMHE Vice President Business Planning.

Reflecting on his time with TMHE, Per Zaunders said: “I would like to thank the thousands of dedicated people in our organisation across Europe who have worked so hard to achieve the positive results we are seeing today. I am confident that Christer Högberg, Håkan Dahllöf and the entire team in Europe will be successful in helping Toyota Material Handling achieve its mission of becoming Europe’s first choice partner for materials handling solutions.”

In May 2008, TMHE took part in CeMAT 2008 in Hannover, Germany. CeMAT 2008 marked the first time that the Toyota Material Handling organisation was on one stand for a major pan-European fair. Using the theme ‘stronger together’, TMHE showcased its comprehensive range of Toyota and BT products and services, including several new product models.

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