people.jpgNowadays millions of people in the UK regularly use comparison sites to source the best deals in financial, car, property, utilities and travel products. However, a ground-breaking new website launched this month, ( takes the comparison model one step further by applying it to the recruitment industry. Now for the first time ever employers across the UK can compare the best means of sourcing candidates from a selection of recruitment companies with specialisations in the required geographical area or industry sector. Uniquely the site acts as a bridge between employers seeking fresh new talent and the UK’s most capable and go-ahead recruitment companies. is the UK’s first ever recruitment comparison tool of its kind in which employers are provided with a fast and effective way to compare people for employment from a number of recruitment companies in a quick one-step easy process.

The site divides the UK into eight regions and currently offers 20 individual industry sectors including accountancy, banking, catering, retail, Information Technology, sales & marketing, and many more. New sectors are being added each month. limits the number of recruitment agencies in each industry sector to 20 per region so ensuring maximum performance for the recruitment company’s low investment into the scheme. When a client adds an agency to the list of companies they would like to consult about their requirements, they are emailed a link containing the contact information along with a brief job description.

For a small annual fee recruitment companies enjoy cost-effective genuine enquiries from employers on a regular basis throughout the year. Many have been quick to get onboard and take advantage of the site’s introductory offer of just £150 (+vat) which covers one year’s subscription to the site and includes account creation, Logo upload, and an initial amount of credits to get started.

However those signing up during the initial launch period will also benefit from an extension of a further 3 months free of charge.
Important to note is that the site is totally independent of any recruitment business and do not take a commission from agencies upon placement. Neither is there any allegiance to any particular advertiser as everyone pays the same subscription cost regardless of size or reputation.

The launch will be backed by a full PR and advertising campaign which will include TV advertising, e-shot and trade show marketing.

Recruitment agencies interested in being a part of this exciting new development in the UK recruitment industry should contact:

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