dcooper.jpgSMV UK Ltd, specialist distributor of heavy forklifts, container handlers and reachstackers, together with sideloader supplier, Irion Sideloaders Ltd are being brought together under a single trading name, Cooper Specialised Handling Ltd, with effect from 1st April. The new trading company also incorporates the previous trading business of SMV Rentals Ltd. Cooper SH is independently owned and is the UK’s sole national distributor of SMV Lift trucks and Baumann sideloaders operating across the UK and Northern Ireland.

Originally founded in 1998, the company offers total solutions for fork lift machines above 10 metric tonnes and sideloaders from 3 to 45 tonnes capacity and is now one of the most successful providers in the industry. The new Cooper SH branding will be seen immediately in the UK and liveried vehicles will follow quickly. The company has also announced an expansion into smaller forklifts with the addition of the DanTruck range of lift trucks from 6-9 tonnes, enabling distribution of lower capacity Scandinavian specification machines for the first time.

Managing director David Cooper explains: “Over the last 10 years our approach has been to specialise in niche sectors and there are now hundreds of SMV and Baumann machines in the UK market. Our approach is somewhat different in that the low volume, more specialised products that are seen as a peripheral activity for much of the market, represent a core activity for us and we are able to offer highly specialised service and support.”

The change in identity was necessary following product name changes of SMV to Konecranes and the Irion brand changing identity to Baumann. With the addition of DanTruck, the new total product range now encompasses forklifts from 6 to 60 tonnes, masted un-laden and laden container handlers, reach stackers and a full compliment of sideloaders.

Cooper continues, “Our customers enjoy the benefits of strong engineering values and customised solutions backed up by a highly experienced team dedicated to their specialised needs. The new trading name will help us to be more easily recognised as a specialist provider across our niche markets. It will also more easily accommodate our plans to expand into other related areas.”

Cooper SH, based in Warwickshire, employs a team of dedicated sales and service professionals and deals both directly with end users as well as through selected distributor partners.

Cooper SH Limited
David Cooper, Managing Director
Tel: 01926 484633

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