anti-collapse.jpgThe danger from falling objects in warehouses is a very real one. Every year, serious injuries occur because objects were not correctly stacked on high racks. That is why QTS has developed the Q-System – an anti-collapse safety system for use in all manner of warehousing applications. The Q-System is a wire mesh barrier that fits onto the outside of pallet racks to prevent objects from falling. With its universal fittings, it can fit onto any upright simply and quickly. The safety benefits that it brings are significant. The Q-System is also available as a bespoke product.

“We try to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes at all times,” says QTS’ Managing Director Shaun Ingram. “When we designed this product, we researched what customers really need.”

The result was not only a simple-to-use universal fitting, but also the availability of bespoke fittings. The same ethos was taken in terms of colour – there is a standard graphite grey, but also bespoke colours are available.
The panels themselves are designed to be tough. They are made from a 3mm thick wire in a 50 x 50mm mesh grid. Furthermore, because the same thickness of wire is used throughout, strength and rigidity are completely uniform.
“Anti-collapse systems may seem obvious,” concludes Shaun Ingram, “but we are amazed at how many warehouses neglect them and put both stock and lives at risk.”

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