AMH-Thermal.jpgSince commencing business in 1985 and providing a comprehensive maintenance and installation service on storage and materials handling operations at major international carriers, distribution and logistic centres throughout the UK, AMH Services Limited (part of the AMH Group) has now introduced state-of-the-art Thermography – Predictive Maintenance to its professional engineering services. Thermal Imaging or Thermography is the process of using a special camera designed to look only for heat by way of Infra Red (IR) energy waves.

Using forefront thermal imaging technology, AMH uses this valuable diagnostic tool for scheduled predictive maintenance by detecting anomalies often invisible to the naked eye, such as heat sources produced by faulty or deteriorating equipment. This allows one to anticipate machinery failure and take preventative and corrective measures before costly system failures occur.

This Predictive Maintenance technique, known as Condition Monitoring, when combined with traditional maintenance services can ensure ongoing plant reliability, reduce costly downtime and increase the life expectancy of capital equipment. A powerful Thermal Database of different equipment backs up AMH’s years of experience in the maintenance industry.

AMH offers a comprehensive inspection service followed by an unbiased report on the condition of any installation and recommended remedial works. The customers own maintenance engineers can complete remedial work or AMH will provide a quotation and give recommendations on the required frequency of periodic thermography – predictive maintenance in order to ensure optimum performance of plant operations.

Full details of AMH’s Thermography – Predictive Maintenance services is available on request.

AMH Group
Richard King, Assistant MD
Tel: 01908 648900

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