Senator Engineering manufactures precision quality parts for more than 350,000 seating products each year.

Brysdales-Senator-7486As part of The Senator Group, which is an independent, family owned business that has grown into one of the largest office furniture manufacturers in the world, constant development is paramount to success.

With huge quantities of raw materials and finished parts coming in and going out every year, Senator Engineering’s warehouse is the most important part of the impressive facility.

When Continuous Improvement Manager Richard Shilton’s project team identified the need to reconfigure the space he needed a company he could rely on and he contacted Kevin Stokes at Brysdales.

The two had worked together on smaller projects at Senator and the relationship had gone from strength to strength over the course of three years.

The brief: The brief was to reconfigure the warehouse to improve flow through the site and maximise storage space to create a state-of-theart hub.

Kevin and his team of qualified experts undertook a site visit and a full audit to assess layout and product requirements and pull together a detailed plan of action.

It was imperative that the implementation strategy centred around minimal disruption to the manufacturing process.

The solution: A phased project plan and product itinerary was developed and work began late one Friday.

The racking was built outside the facility and over the course of the next week the inside of the building was totally transformed.

The entire internal layout of the warehouse was rotated 90 degrees and racking and associated fittings were all replaced.

The initial timeline projection had allocated three weekends for completion but the hard work and diligence of the Brysdales team saw it finished by the end of the second weekend.

The results: The transformation of the warehouse facility at Senator Engineering has paved the way for the continuous improvement plan to gain momentum to ensure the group can continue to service growing demand for its products.

Rotating the layout means components’ journey through the building is much more efficient and the new pallet racking has improved storage and organisation of the entire area.

Testimonial: Richard is delighted with the results of the project, which is already making a huge difference to workflow.

He said: ‘After working with Kevin at Brysdales on more than 10 separate projects I had total confidence in his ability to meet our needs.

“A keen eye for detail and in depth product knowledge, teamed with his insight into our needs as a business, all came together to ensure the best results.

“Kevin always goes out of his way to exceed expectation and I look forward to working with him and his team in the future.”

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