Yorkshire-based independent racking distributors, Stamina Storage Systems, have secured a contract, triumphing over a leading UK manufacturer in pallet racking. The successful contract involves installing high rise Link 51 pallet racking for a major 3PL logistics provider serving the healthcare sector.

Following a rigorous tender process, Stamina Storage Systems emerged as the preferred partner over a prominent UK pallet racking manufacturer. Their selection underscores Stamina’s prowess in delivering comprehensive end-to-end services and innovative racking designs, which promise to increase space utilisation by more than 15% when compared to the proposals put through by the competition.

Scheduled to kick off in May 2024, the project entails implementing an advanced pallet racking system capable of accommodating in excess of 40,000 pallet locations. The design will be tailored to meet the specific requirements of healthcare product distribution, highlighting Stamina’s commitment to bespoke solutions.

This substantial contract highlights Stamina Storage Systems’ dedication to providing cutting-edge storage solutions that optimise space and boost operational efficiency. Their victory in the tender process was fuelled by a strong track record in the 3PL sector and a unique approach to pallet racking design, which maximises warehouse space to meet client demands.

Peter Gobbi, Managing Director at Stamina Storage Systems, expressed gratitude for the opportunity, stating, “We are honoured to have earned the trust of such a renowned leader in healthcare logistics and distribution. Our innovative pallet racking solutions will not only enhance storage capacity but also streamline operations, ensuring a seamless and efficient distribution process.”

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