A growing shortage of labour as well as sharply rising logistics costs are driving demand for automated conveying and sortation solutions. Industry 4.0 represents a fundamental shift in the way products are designed, manufactured and delivered. The continuing growth of the autonomous mobile robot market – driven by labour availability issues and a focus on improving the efficiency of brownfield sites while greenfield investment is on hold – and the prevailing long-term trends mean that the future for logistics automation remains very positive, according to AMHSA.

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L-A-C’s recent acquisition by MotionTech gives the company a robust platform for accelerated expansion across Europe with some of its key customers, fully supported by MotionTech’s focus on strong, aspirational businesses with the potential for significant growth. The MotionTech group of companies also allows L-A-C to build strategic partnerships with other members to further enhance its design capabilities and technology portfolio. From humble beginnings producing standalone modular conveyors, L-A-C’s founders embraced their passion for technology, successful installations and a focus on clearly understanding customer needs, to facilitate rapid growth and expansion, to now offer an impressive portfolio of automated technologies, including Automated Mobile Robots and Robot Palletising solutions.

Interroll announces the appointment of Ayhan Demirel as its new Chief Operating Officer. He will join Interroll on October 1, 2024. Ayhan Demirel will be responsible for driving operational excellence, enhancing efficiency and driving growth across all Interroll’s business units. He will be become part of the Interroll Group Management and will be based at the manufacturing site in Mosbach, Germany.

Vanderlande made significant savings by making better use of power analysers to measure energy use and changing the system’s energy saving settings, leading to a 12% decrease in consumption. The company also successfully tested and installed low-friction conveyor belts, which used 40% less energy than the standard alternative. Finally, Vanderlande altered sorter running speeds to reflect how busy the system is and these new settings decreased energy usage by 10-13%.

Two internationally active automation specialists recently signed a strategic partnership agreement. As part of the collaboration, TGW Logistics is channelling its experience into the further development of OPEX® Corporation’s Infinity® automated storage and retrieval (AS/RS) technology, which will also be implemented in LivePick, TGW Logistics’ innovative new order fulfilment system. The award-winning OPEX Infinity AS/RS system represents unlimited flexibility and scalability in terms of throughput and storage capacity, making it the ideal solution for small and medium-sized fulfilment projects.

It is encouraging to see suppliers meeting the increased demand for automated conveying and sortation solutions.

George Simpson

Features Editor


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