Established in 2009, Breathe Technologies provide warehouse software and automation. By seamlessly integrating physical and digital automation solutions, we drive efficiency, enhance quality, and amplify our clients competitive advantage.

Breathe’s exceptional team help clients to minimise risk, improve productivity and reduce costs.

Phil Rowlands, Head of Software Delivery at Breathe Technologies speaks to Warehouse & Logistics News.

What does your role involve on a day-to-day basis?

Currently my role has 3 main drives, working with our customers to identify opportunities for optimisation. Heading up the development of our software product line to add support for those opportunities, and finally collaborating with our Academic and Research partners to explore new approaches to optimisation.

How would you explain the Breathe Technologies Culture?

Our culture is knowledgeable, customer focused and innovative. We strive to maintain an entrepreneurial mindset with every member of the team finding effective and efficient ways of delivering solutions, continuously improving and responding to change.

How does this culture assist your clients’ requirements?

It means our customers gain a long-term partner. We work closely with them to look at how we optimise their operations to meet their immediate needs but also to allow them to scale up, and this is evident through the length of our customer relationships, many have been with Breathe for over 10 years.

Tell us how Breathe Technologies are growing in the UK

We’re keeping our focus on optimising our customers operations with innovative and intelligent solutions that reduce our customers risk as well as improving efficiency and productivity for them. However, we also prioritise innovation and it’s a central focus for us that we stay agile and informed of the latest developments across software and warehouse automation.

We have excellent partnerships allowing us to do this – with OEMs, consultancies and 3PLs – and our location at Sci-Tech Daresbury gives us unprecedented access to world leading expertise through programmes such as Bridge AI and Innovate UK.

None of this happens without our team and we’re investing across all areas using a combination of internal mentoring and external support, from apprenticeships to manager and leadership development. We are continuing our collaboration with Manchester University and being based at SciTech Daresbury provides us with regular training and awareness programmes across multiple areas of the business, which staff participate in.

What makes Breathe Technologies unique in your industry?

We are passionate about warehouse optimisation – this by itself isn’t unique, but it has influenced our development and provided the foundations of our software strategy. We are unique in the way our automation expertise underpins the software development and the value this unlocks for clients, and it’s enabled us to receive investment from programmes such as Innovate UK and Bridge AI.

What solutions do you offer customers?

We provide lower risk scalable and modular solutions and, working with our automation partners, we can offer each customer the best solution for them at that point of their automaton journey including robotics. Support is also an essential part of the solutions we offer, as well as system maintenance and support, we proactively work with our customers to continuously improve their operation.

Our point of difference is our software, we improve and optimise their processes with our ability to connect the physical and digital systems they have – almost all of our automation solutions now have an element of software delivery because of the difference it makes to have an automated operation that’s communicating with host systems in real time.

What sectors do these clients work in?

Breathe Technologies are known for our E Commerce and Retail expertise which includes a wide range of sectors such as fashion, toiletries and beauty, animal medicine, household appliances, retail books, tools and hardware. We are proud of our long-term relationships with these clients. However, manufacturing is a growing area for us too and we provide products, systems, solutions and services to major 3PLs.

How future proof and flexible are your solutions?

All of our solutions are designed from a perspective of future growth and development. Our software features various No-Code / Lo-Code configuration elements such as our RuleEngine component, which allows the end user to tweak and tailor the approach of the software in response to operational changes.

What new services/solutions are you offering for 2024?

Broadly speaking our strategy will still focus on bringing innovation to what we do, using our expertise in high level digital processes to create connected systems that can put our customers firmly in control of their operation and widen their choices.

In particular though, Pick Optimisation is an AI driven software solution from Breathe which enhances the efficiency of order picking and streamlines the entire packing and despatch process. It’s in implementation at customer sites and although it’s early days, the initial results are very very positive.

What do you see as the biggest opportunities in the coming year for Breathe Technologies?

As uncertainty continues our automation expertise and innovative approach will give our customers much more operational clarity and productivity. We’re an independent integrator which allows us to work with the most appropriate automation partners for each customer and we’re confident that our software platform will continue to identify opportunities to optimise for our customers.

What are the biggest challenges facing Breathe Technologies and your industry?

There are a lot of exciting developments happening in logistics; robotics and software in particular are driving huge changes in the approach to warehouse automation and optimisation and we challenge ourselves to stay agile in such a changing environment.

However, one of the biggest challenges and a high priority across our partner and customer networks is the move to sustainability and meeting the changes involved in navigating to a decarbonised future.

Do you cover the whole of the UK?

Yes, our team reaches across the whole of the UK.

Breathe Technologies

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