In the world of material handling, safety and compliance are not just checkboxes on a to-do list; they are critical for a safe, successful, and thriving business.

Every day, warehouse managers grapple with the challenges of juggling compliance regulations and operator licences, battling a long list of risks and complications.

There is a solution that eliminates these challenges: GemOne’s Sapphire solution comes with a License Management feature that helps make safety and compliance second nature in your workplace.

Why is Licence Management Needed?

Licence management helps minimise forklift accidents.

Forklift accidents result not only in costly damage to property, but they can have devastating impacts on people’s lives.

Knowing how to operate a forklift efficiently and safely significantly reduces the risk of accidents. Advanced Fork Truck Training claims that 42% of forklift-related fatalities are due to someone being crushed by the vehicle tipping over.

The financial implications of inadequate safety measures are equally daunting. According to 2022 reports from the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the cost to employers of workplace injury was 3.8 billion, made up of productivity costs (occupational/ statutory sick pay payments made, plus ‘production disturbance’ costs) and ELCI premiums. While the financial toll is significant, it pales in comparison to the human tragedy. Robust health and safety measures protect the well-being of your employees and safeguard lives.

Licence Management is a key feature of Sapphire, GemOne’s fleet management solution. It helps warehouse managers overcome the challenges posed by compliance administration and operator licence management.

How Can Licence Management Help Your Business?

Licence Management involves monitoring the validity of operator licences and safety training, ensuring that every individual who operates machinery complies with the necessary inspections, training, and licensing requirements.

This level of oversight promotes safety, minimises operational risks, and fosters regulatory compliance.

Sapphire’s Licence Management enables the real-time tracking of operator licence and safety authority training expiration.

It acts as a fail-safe mechanism, preventing operators from accessing equipment when their certifications have expired.

Instantaneous lockout spares your organisation from potential liabilities that may arise from unlicensed equipment operation.

Only certified operators can access and operate equipment, reducing the risk of accidents and potential legal issues.

Never Miss a Certification Deadline

One of the most significant advantages of Sapphire’s Licence Management is the peace of mind it offers.

You will never lose track of licence requirements or certification deadlines.

The system sends automated alerts when certifications are nearing expiration, allowing you to take proactive measures to ensure that every operator has up-to-date certifications.

Simplified Licence Management System

Sapphire streamlines licence management for operators, offering an intuitive and user-friendly system.

You’ll no longer need to grapple with complex spreadsheets or manual record-keeping to track licence requirements.

With Sapphire, you can easily monitor and verify the training and certification status of your operators.

Enhanced Safety and Compliance

Beyond Licence Management, Sapphire offers a suite of features that provide a holistic approach to safe warehouse operations.

With access control, you can monitor who is using your machines and assess whether they are operating them safely. Impact alerts and collision lockout features ensure that accidents are promptly addressed, reducing downtime and preventing further damage.

Driver behaviour analysis, overload detection, and on-screen safety checklists are additional features that not only enhance safety but also boost operational efficiency, reduce the likelihood of accidents, and avoid costly equipment downtime.

Prioritise Safety and Boost Efficiency

By simplifying Licence Management, mitigating unlicensed equipment use, and enhancing overall safety and compliance, GemOne’s Sapphire ensures that your organisation can operate machinery with confidence and peace of mind.


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