As supply chains become more intricate, businesses are increasingly seeking innovative solutions to optimise their loading operations. One such ground-breaking innovation that is reshaping loading bays across the globe is the e-Track Transport Yard System. At the heart of the e-Track Transport Yard System is a commitment to streamlining operations while prioritising the well-being of the workforce. These systems are designed to automate dock door operations, eradicating the risk of unsafe loading conditions and accidents.

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BID Group Ltd carried out a recent Loading Bay refurbishment. The project is part of an ongoing Dock Leveller replacement programme for a National Account customer. In addition to a new Dock Leveller, the pit was extended to allow less gradient when loading and unloading, a new shelter replaced the original which was damaged due to vehicle impacts and to provide security, a new automated roller shutter door was installed.

St. Modwen Logistics, one of the UK’s leading logistics developers and managers, has successfully completed Phase 1 of the development at St. Modwen Park Derby. As a preferred St. Modwen Logistics supplier, Hörmann UK worked closely with main contractor Winvic to supply full loading bay solutions together with safety and operational equipment including dock buffers, dock lights and traffic lights, plus sectional level access doors and fire exit doorsets. Across the four buildings that make up the first phase of the site a total of 27 loading bays have been installed.

Thorworld Industries, the loading and unloading specialists, has emphasised the increased efficiencies that dedicated loading equipment training can bring, beyond ensuring safety regulation compliance. Thorworld highlights that loading equipment training can bring significant efficiency and productivity benefits by teaching optimal loading and unloading techniques and how to handle different types of goods. It is also important that safety aspects of operations are introduced, and reinforced throughout the course, improving operator safety, and preventing downtime.

In recognition of the company’s extensive technical expertise, Stertil Dock & Door Products was invited to put forward detailed proposals for the prestigious Baytree project in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. A total of 26 loading bays have been installed featuring a range of Stertil products including dock levellers, dock bumpers, dock shelters, dock doors and level access doors. Each loading bay incorporates the Stertil WE 574 collapsible frame dock shelter measuring 3400mm wide by 3600mm high.

As loading bays get busier, it is essential that they become both safer and more efficient.

George Simpson

Features Editor

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