The business world is always subject to many moving parts and the impacts of various external factors, says Jason Lynock, Sales Director at Smart-Space. Right now, the UK economic climate is unsettled with the after-effects of recent global change (for example: pandemic, Brexit, war) and those closer to home (among others: a procession of prime ministers, rising interest rates, HS2). To navigate a business through such times means we need to be agile and responsive. At Smart-Space we are regularly called upon to resolve urgent space issues due to economic factors that we all have little control over.

Unpredictable deliveries

If your business relies on a stable supply chain it’s likely that you’ll need to offer some sort of flexibility over delivery times, particularly if you receive goods from overseas. If your organisation operates within the logistics sector you’ll know this only too well.

Unpredictable finances

An instant building negates the need to commit. You can hire for a few months or for as long as you like, switching to purchase if it suits you better. We can structure long-term contracts where the costs reduce as time goes on. We don’t believe in holding you to contracts that no longer serve you so you can also off-hire whenever you like. These benefits don’t come with bricks and mortar!

Unpredictable timing

Often there is no way of knowing exactly how long you might need additional space. For new ventures, trial stock lines, unexpectedly large orders and other changes, an instant building can satisfy an immediate need. They can be invaluable during times of transition or even to provide space whilst a traditional build is taking place. We have done this many times – for the fire service, schools, logistics companies and others (including a supermarket and church!).

Unpredictable location

We have often worked with customers who are unsure of their longer-term plans and are considering moving premises. An instant building can resolve the immediate requirement with the comfort of knowing you can have the building for as long as you need it – and it can also be relocated to another site if that’s your preferred option.

Climate unpredictability

Of course we live in a country where four seasons in one day is not unusual. For a tidy, safe site, we supply buildings to get your assets under cover – whether that’s parts or people. Storage is probably the number one reason we are contacted. Our canopies are an extension of this service – allowing you to enjoy weather-proofed loading and unloading. Again, this allows you to look after your products and the people who manage their storage and transit.

Instant buildings, installed within a few short weeks, provide an excellent solution to space challenges. With no foundations required, you simply need an area of land that meets your needs. We regularly install units that adjoin seamlessly to main premises. Just as often our buildings are situated out of the way on waste ground – quite often to replace a stack of unsightly, unwieldy storage containers.

Talk to us if you have a space challenge, we enjoy working out the best options and helping you operate to full capacity, in a safe and organised environment.


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