From warehouses to distribution centres, Dock Levellers are an essential piece of loading bay equipment, playing a pivotal role in ensuring efficient and safe loading and unloading processes.

Physical signs of wear and tear are often the first indications that Dock Levellers may need replacing. For instance, a warped top deck or a bent lip can affect the smooth transition of goods, potentially causing damage or posing safety risks.

These before and after pictures show a recent Loading Bay refurbishment. The project is part of an ongoing Dock Leveller replacement programme for one of our National Account customers.

In addition to a new Dock Leveller, the Pit was extended to allow less gradient when loading and unloading, a new shelter replaced the original which was damaged due to vehicle impacts and to provide security, a new automated roller shutter door was installed.

When it comes to replacing your Dock Leveller, BID Group Ltd offers an extensive range of advanced, efficient solutions and we’re not just about providing top-quality products—we’re also committed to ensuring a seamless installation process. Our experienced, skilled engineers perform careful and meticulous installations, aiming to minimise disruption to your business operations.

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