A leading UK pet care business has gone electric with the addition of the MOFFETT eSeries NX. The vehicle has been selected to boost the distribution fleet of the UK’s leading pet care business, Pets at Home.

The MOFFETT eSeries NX is the perfect distribution partner, offering improved navigation through 4-way steering and high lifting capacity; all whilst being entirely emission-free.

With over 450 stores across the UK, Hiab were selected to help Pets at Home increase efficiencies as well as reduce the impact on local communities, in terms of both noise and emissions.

Steve Travis, Transport Manager at Pets at Home, explained: “Hiab supported us with the introduction of the new equipment, and we’re delighted to now be at a point where the vast majority of our drivers prefer the electric versions.”

Hiab worked closely with Pets at Home to come up with a solution that would benefit both their distribution system and workforce.

Steve added: “Hiab worked with us to overcome any concerns or issues, supporting our distribution team at every step, including talking to drivers, trainers, and management to always find the best solution that works for us.

“This helps us reassure our colleagues that we actually do what we say we’ll do and that we will always look to find innovative ways that make their own positions and jobs easier, less stressful, and safer.”

The machine also operates quietly, making it perfect for use in Low Emission Zones and areas where noise is a concern such as residential zones or for deliveries late at night.

Gavin Oakes, Store Manager at Pets at Home (Leicester Fosse), added: “The forklift makes a big difference in terms of the speed we get the delivery off the truck and overall efficiency. The silent operation also makes it a much better solution for everybody.”

MOFFETT salesperson, Huw Thomas, said: “It’s been great to work with Pets at Home to help them find solutions that benefit their distribution system. The MOFFETT eSeries NX has strong environmental benefits, but it also provides wider business advancements and it’s great to hear Steve and his team are already benefitting from this.”

To find out more about how the MOFFETT eSeries NX could work for you and your business, visit here: https://www.hiab.com/en-gb/products/truck-mounted-forklifts/e-series.

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