If you’ve been around our industry for a long time, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen our products in their natural habitat, writes Sam Wade, Head of Product Management at FMH Conveyors International. In fact, there’s probably a high chance you or a fellow team member have operated our products at one time or another. They’re a firm favourite in the industry; moving all our post, parcels, boxes, bags, crates, tyres, totes, and even barrels for well over 30 years. This success has allowed FMH to continue supplying customers with high quality reliable products, whilst also focusing on ‘what’s next?’

Whilst our legacy portfolio continues to serve our existing customer base, we felt there was an opportunity to expand our reach and help solve material handling challenges outside of our traditional scope. FMH’s BestConnect is the market leader in mobile reconfigurable conveyor systems. It’s intuitive design and ‘plug and play’ qualities mean it can support infinite system designs and remain entirely modular, mobile, and flexible. It is perfectly honed for the everchanging manual sortation hubs that pepper the warehousing and distribution sector. For the dedicated high throughput demands of the next generation warehouses though, we needed something new.

BestConnect+ is our answer to that next generation; a family of products that is specifically designed with tomorrow’s material handling in mind. The BC+ system is a purpose-built modular roller conveyor platform. Combining robust FMH foundations with updated technology, the BestConnect+ system can be tailored and scaled to meet virtually any industry requirements.

Let’s take a second to break down some of those headline points above.

‘Robustness’ is something FMH are renowned for, and BC+ is no exception. The brand-new folded steel side profiles offer even more rigidity than before and when coupled with our 2023 telescopic leg design, the modules have a huge 75kg/m (kilograms per linear metre) handling capacity. Unless your operation is transporting African elephants, BC+ is built to take it.

‘Updated technology’ is a very broad term, but it fits perfectly with the features available in BestConnect+. Powerful, variable, and completely customisable drive comes from our all-new offering of 24V (24 Volt) driven rollers, or more traditional 400V MGUs (Motor Gearbox Units). Think 1.5 m/s (metres per second) sounds fast? How does 1.8 m/s sound? It sounds like industry leading throughput capacities and dramatically increased operational efficiency.

The modules have been designed with systems and solutions in mind. The new side plates for example match seamlessly with our belt conveyor portfolio so a cohesive turnkey system can be tailored to suit. What if your system requires sortation elements though? FMH have the answer to that conundrum too.

The NEW 2023 FMH Swivel Divert Unit (SDU) is a high-speed material handling diverter used for manipulating the direction of transported goods. The SDU’s swivelling top rollers divert and merge unit loads on or off the main BC+ conveyor line. Able to divert from +90 to -90 degrees, this customisable angle of sortation means the SDU can be integrated into almost any outfeed scenario. Designed specifically as a modular unit, the cassette can be installed into any new or existing conveyor lines. Install a single row for smaller sorts, multiple row configuration for larger material flows, or in a completely custom set-up to manipulate parcels for a specific operational requirement. 3000 to 6000 per hour, to be exact.

Like the BestConnect+ conveyor modules, the SDU runs with our powerful new 24V driven rollers and a fully ‘plug and play’ wiring architecture. This becomes hugely important in today’s high pressure warehousing environments – conveyor downtime is the first, second, third, and fourth priority. The lightweight chassis and modular design give the SDU an extraction and replacement time of less than 2 minutes (providing the African elephant is no longer sat on the module).

FMH Conveyors has well over 100 years of tailored system design experience, and we’re now fully equipped to solve almost any material handling challenge. The BestConnect+ catalogue, including the Swivel Divert Unit, gives us the opportunity to offer our existing customers a significant system upgrade, whilst also opening doors to new clients for fully automated material handling solutions.

For enquiries into all our solutions, or any of our other catalogue products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our global Sales Team. FMH Conveyors would be delighted to help improve and resolve your material handling requirements. www.fmhconveyors.com/en-in


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