Unauthorised machine usage in the material handling industry is more than just a minor inconvenience.

It’s a significant pain point that can lead to decreased productivity and heightened safety risks.

Now, global telematics provider GemOne has developed an operator access control feature as part of their Sapphire solution.

Sapphire is a fleet and safety management solution that works on any forklift, regardless of make or model. It delivers real-time data which helps you derive insights about the safety and operational efficiency of your fleet. All of this real-time data is available on a cloud platform and accessible on any device. Sapphire is 4G and Wi-Fi network enabled, with hardware that is high quality, robust, and IP67 certified for industrial use (resistant to dust, sand, and water).

Sapphire’s operator access control feature helps you put an end to the unauthorised use of machines in your fleet. To find out more about Sapphire, you can download the free brochure here.

What is operator access control?Operator access control is a technology tool which helps ensure that only personnel authorised to operate the machines within a facility are able to do so.

It acts as a gatekeeper, preventing potentially harmful usage and maintaining the integrity of operations.

Crucially, it also helps to safeguard assets and protect the workforce from avoidable accidents.

Who needs operator access control?

Operator access control technology benefits any business with an industrial fleet of machines: from small warehouses to sprawling logistics centres.

Any environment where multiple machines are in operation – forklifts, pallet trucks, and other material handling equipment – requires a system to prevent unauthorised access and usage.

Operator access control helps businesses in material handling, logistics, and warehousing to enhance operational efficiency, reduce unnecessary wear and tear on equipment, and foster a safer working environment.

How does Operator Access Control Work?

With operator access control, you give access to your machines to approved operators only.

Whether it’s a PIN code, RFID card, or fob, you decide who operates each machine based on specific certifications and training criteria.

Machine operators receive a unique PIN number or RFID card that allows them to access only the equipment they are authorised to operate.

Access keys and authorisations

PIN codes, RFID cards, and fobs are access keys.

An operator can hold multiple access keys, each tied to a specific machine or set of machines. But an access key remains exclusive to a single operator and cannot be shared or reassigned.

Operators may assume different roles, such as “operator”, “technician”, or “supervisor”, and can be associated with one or more machines accordingly. Notably, when an operator is linked to a specific machine, all of their access keys become applicable to that asset.

Access keys are not directly assigned to machines; they are issued to operators, ensuring a granular and controlled approach to machine accessibility. This system facilitates precise control over equipment operation while accommodating operators with diverse responsibilities and granting access only to those with the necessary qualifications.

Customisation and automatic lock-out

Every warehouse possesses its own distinctive layout, operational processes, and security concerns, and so the flexibility that operator access control offers becomes a valuable asset.

With Sapphire’s operator access control, for example, you have the capacity to set up lockout thresholds.

By defining specific criteria that trigger automatic lockouts or alerts, you can proactively mitigate potential risks and safeguard sensitive machinery from unauthorised or potentially hazardous use.

The benefits of eliminating unapproved use

By eliminating unapproved use, warehousing businesses can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, fostering a safer working environment.

The prevention of unauthorised usage also mitigates the wear and tear on machines, reducing maintenance costs and extending equipment lifespan.

Additionally, the enhanced control over machine operations leads to improved operational efficiency and productivity, allowing organisations to optimise their material handling processes.

Learn More

If you’re interested in learning more about operator access control and other fleet management features, download the free Sapphire brochure here.


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