In the dynamic and competitive grocery market, L.A.C.’s customer needed to elevate productivity and throughput in their inbound-to-put-away and palletising operations. After detailed assessment and planning, the L.A.C. team designed and delivered a bespoke solution that saved workforce costs and doubled overall productivity. This particular system included telescopic conveyors, laser-based product profiling and scanning, diverters and two ABB IRB 660 4-axis robots with capabilities of generating real-time stacking patterns for new SKUs.

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Leuze has developed the new 5B sensor series, offered as retroreflective photoelectric sensors, throughbeam photoelectric sensors and diffuse sensors. With their compact housing (11 x 32.4 x 20 millimetres; W x H x L), the sensors are ideal for situations with limited installation space. As a result, they can be installed close to conveyor lines for example.

AGROCI, specialists in the production and bottling of beverages, entrusted AR Racking to speed up the intralogistics operations of its new warehouse in the industrial area of Bonoua (Ivory Coast) and promote its growth in the country. AR Racking, industrial storage systems specialist, completed the project in just two months from the initial contact until the final installation of the AR Shuttle solution, a semi-automated solution for high-density storage that incorporates motorised pallet shuttles that move the load through the interior of the racking. The pallet shuttle system allows AGROCI to fully exploit the 3,000 m2 warehouse, favours fast-moving inventory and enables both LIFO and FIFO management.

TAWI UK, a renowned provider of premium vacuum lifting equipment and systems from Sweden, is proud to announce the launch of their ground-breaking container unloader. The container unloader allows anyone to be able to lift products and heavy objects from inside a container onto a conveyor. The mobile conveyor belt can adjust upwards, downwards, inwards and outwards for improved reach and ergonomics.

FMH’s BestConnect is the market leader in mobile reconfigurable conveyor systems. The BC+ system is a purpose-built modular roller conveyor platform. Combining robust FMH foundations with updated technology, the BestConnect+ system can be tailored and scaled to meet virtually any industry requirements.

It is exciting to witness the innovation in the conveying sector, helping keep logistics moving ever faster.

George Simpson

Features Editor

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