It is essential to tailor the racking design to create a bespoke installation that is specific to the situation while at the same time keeping safety and efficiency at the forefront. Work with storage equipment experts who will visit your site to understand your business, the type of stock you hold and how to make your warehouse run more efficiently and safely. Their design must also enable future expansion and changing stock profiles, according to SEMA.

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Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd (PMN) is at the forefront of premier plastic material handling solutions and its array of standard and non-standard Euro Stacking Containers are used across all industry sectors. These plastic stackable boxes are ideal for simple storage solutions alongside use in highly sophisticated automated systems and save you money when used for returnable packaging. Made from strong plastic these containers store, protect and safely make products portable for food, logistics and industrial activities.

Leading packaging supplier, Springpack Ltd, successfully completed a new warehouse relocation, partnering with Advantage to design, supply and install their bespoke storage solutions. The project involved the installation of pallet racking, a 2-tier mezzanine floor, and few additional features to enhance some simple functionality. Advantage worked closely with the Springpack team to deliver a comprehensive pallet racking system, increasing their storage capacity to over 10,000 pallet spaces.

When designing storage areas, SCCG recommends that you make maximum use of vertical space to increase capacity. Consider the type of products stored, which are the most active, and how they will move through the warehouse. Efficient storage systems reduce the amount of picking time.

Fitted in all temperature environments, UK manufactured Rack Collapse Prevention’s top supporting safety system is the only proven safety system in an impact event to stop rack collapses. Supporting from the top means in collision events racking structures remain stable and standing, protecting stock, staff and removes the potential for significant business disruption. Exceptionally hard-wearing and different to other racking safety systems on the market, Rack Collapse Prevention’s racking safety system delivers several benefits including reduced insurance premiums.

It’s great to see the numerous storage solutions available on the market, helping warehouses maximise the stock they have available.

George Simpson

Features Editor

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