Leading packaging supplier, Springpack Ltd, successfully completed a new warehouse relocation, partnering with Advantage to design, supply and install their bespoke storage solutions. Maximising storage capacity, improving efficiency, ensuring compliance with building and safety regulations, streamlining stock management and operational deliveries.

Springpack Ltd, has accomplished a strategic warehouse relocation project to its’ larger location designed around their values and vision for business growth. Partnering with Advantage, a provider of tailored storage solutions, Springpack Ltd focused on optimising their storage capabilities and supporting their future plans for expansion. The project involved the installation of pallet racking, a 2-tier mezzanine floor, and few additional features to enhance some simple functionality.

Advantage worked closely with the Springpack team to deliver a comprehensive pallet racking system, increasing their storage capacity to over 10,000 pallet spaces. The 2-tier mezzanine floor maximised precious vertical space for product ranges such as bubble wrap, freeing up space for higher value products in the main racking system. Fire rating and an enclosed staircase at one end ensured the relevant building and safety regulations were met. Upscaled versions of their existing labelling system supported the quick transition from the old building to new, minimising disruption to operations and maintaining business continuity. Added features like a storage cupboard, a warehouse bell, and packing table were just functional finishing touches that were required to complete the new building.

The project’s seamless implementation process, meticulous design, high-quality suppliers, and efficient installation teams ensured a timely completion. Springpack Ltd now enjoys their increased storage capacity, enhanced efficiency, improved stock management and upscaled ability to service an increasing number of customers.

This successful warehouse relocation project exemplifies Springpack Ltd’s commitment to operational excellence and Advantage’s expertise in delivering tailored storage solutions. The timely completion of the project on our part allowed Springpack Ltd to transition smoothly into their new warehouse and state-of-the-art offices.

Advantage specialises in designing, supplying, and installing efficient and scalable warehousing solutions, empowering businesses to optimise operations, maximise valuable space and achieve growth.

Springpack Ltd is a leading packaging supplier dedicated to providing high-quality and sustainable packaging solutions.

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