Recognising the crucial role of conveyors for streamlining operations, LAC has made it their mission to offer standardised solutions that set new industry benchmarks. By starting with 24V and belt conveyors, the company ensures a solid foundation for their conveyor portfolio, enabling businesses to experience faster lead times and competitive costs. By streamlining its conveyor manufacturing process and standardising key elements, LAC have not only achieved cost efficiencies but also improved the overall reliability and performance of their conveyor systems.

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Automation specialist Axiom GB, the only UK company to manufacture sliding shoe sortation systems, has launched the powerful MSS Sliding Shoe Sorter. Designed and built using the latest technology at the company’s Tamworth headquarters, the Axiom MSS Sliding Shoe Sorter can reliably handle high speed sorting of more than 10,000 diverse items per hour. The system design of the new MSS Sliding Shoe Sorter is based on a 3” slat and shoe with close pitch outfeeds which gives it a compact footprint, 75% less than most other shoe sorters.

In order to continue optimising its supply chain, the French company Leroy Merlin commissioned a high-performance TGW FlashPick® system. The FlashPick® system encompasses nine shuttle aisles with approx. 80,000 storage locations, 171 Stingray shuttles and a capacity of roughly 70,000 order lines per day. The various work areas (preparation, filling and palletising) are interconnected via energy-efficient KingDrive® conveyor equipment.

Buschman Unisort IV Pop-Up wheel sorter SUPPORT is being discontinued (End of Life/EOL). The manufacturer, Intelligrated, made this decision because many parts for this sorter are no longer manufactured and/or available. Conveyco, a long term Intelligrated and Buschman partner has created a Unisort IV pop-up wheel sorter replacement program to prevent system degradation and downtime.

SICK has added the UC40, a powerful and compact cube sensor, to its market-leading family of ultrasonic sensors. The SICK UC40 sets the standard for wide-ranging ultrasonic detection duties up to 5m. Equipped with push-lock mounting and IO-Link, it can be quickly integrated in machinery, on conveyors and on automated mobile vehicles. The sensor is a versatile all- rounder for demanding industrial conditions, outputting reliable distance or level measurements even in poor ambient light, dusty or dirty environments.

It’s wonderful to witness the innovation in the conveying and sortation sector, helping the logistics industry to keep goods moving.

George Simpson

Features Editor

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