At the core of LAC Logistics Automations remarkable success story, lies its expertise in conveyor manufacturing. In 1997, LAC started its journey by producing modular conveyors from a modest home garage. This decision to specialise in conveyor systems marked the beginning of a transformative path that would propel LAC to become a prominent player in the manufacturing industry.

Building upon their accomplishments in conveyor manufacturing, LAC laid the groundwork for their growth and diversification across multiple industries, alongside acquiring a strong robotics skill set. Their dedication to this field not only elevated their conveyor technology expertise but has also earned them a respected standing in the world of System Integration.

Recognising the crucial role of conveyors for streamlining operations, LAC has made it their mission to offer standardised solutions that set new industry benchmarks. By starting with 24V and belt conveyors, LAC ensures a solid foundation for their conveyor portfolio, enabling businesses to experience faster lead times and competitive costs.

LAC Logistics Automation Technical Manager – R&D, Konstantinos Seremetis says “In a bold move, we have completely reimagined our 24V and Belt conveyor modules, going back to the basics and adopting a fresh approach. Through the implementation of consistent components and smart design features across our entire conveyor range, we have unlocked the power of economies of scale, resulting in reduced production costs without compromising on quality.”

By streamlining our conveyor manufacturing process and standardising key elements, LAC have not only achieved cost efficiencies but also improved the overall reliability and performance of their conveyor systems. Konstantinos concludes “At LAC, we believe that innovation does not always require starting from scratch; it can also come from revisiting and optimising the core of our products. By taking this transformative step and reevaluating our 24V and Belt conveyor solutions, we are reinforcing our commitment to providing innovative, cost-effective, and reliable conveyors”.

LAC’s vision for standardisation goes beyond their 24V and belt range; it encompasses their entire conveyor portfolio. Their ambitious plans involve extending the benefits of standardisation to every aspect of their conveyor range. Soon, they will unveil an upgraded pallet range that aligns with their commitment to consistency, reliability, and cost-efficiency.

Whether you need a single unit or a complete conveyor system, we have the capability to work out a solution that fits your requirements. Our team is ready to collaborate with you to find the best conveyor solution for your needs.

Explore the LAC 24V and Belt Range today and experience its benefits.

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