Coastal Pet Products, a multi-channel manufacturing business with an international B2B customer base is using Indigo WMS from leading WMS solutions provider, Indigo Software, to automate warehouse management at its purpose built, 400,000 sq. ft facility. On a typical day over 90,000 items, picked from a 6,000 SKU product range are shipped to customers.

After evaluating different Warehouse Management System (WMS) software options, Indigo WMS was selected by the Coastal Pet Products management team as the best fit because it could integrate with the existing Infor ERP system and conveyor systems, plus the Vocollect (now Honeywell) voice technology used for picking and replenishment.

Integration with other systems was a key requirement for Coastal Pet Products because one of the disadvantages of not having a dedicated WMS was a lack of real-time data to enable efficiency improvements.

Updates to back-office systems were run in batch and warehouse data showing stock levels was always a day behind. This meant extra stock management shifts were needed at weekends to reconcile stock counts with actual order information.

Indigo WMS supports up to 85 operatives working concurrently with sub-second transaction processing capabilities. Sub-second transaction processing was an essential capability because during busy periods, three or more events need to be processed every second and each order needs a unique date and time stamp for auditing purposes. Since the company began using Indigo WMS, tens of millions of transactions have been processed and Coastal Pet Products has recorded many commercial benefits.

Coastal Pet Products is also currently migrating to Oracle NetSuite ERP and Indigo’s team of WMS software consultants are minimising implementation risks and maximising business continutiry, to provide the same level of seamless visibility as was achieved with the legacy ERP.

Overall, Coastal Pet’s investment in Indigo WMS has delivered significant productivity and cost savings, resulting from the greater throughput of orders completed every day. The manpower required to operate the warehouse at this level has dropped and employees are being re-assigned to support other areas of the business. It means the company can scale the business without increasing headcount and other benefits are seen right along the entire supply chain, including customer satisfaction ratings.

“Although our picking was already optimised with voice picking, the lack of a WMS meant that we could not process inventory transactions in real time and resulted in missing time sensitive information about whether items have been picked from the location. This impacted our ability to accurately cycle count and improve stock auditing and replenishments,” says Steve Caruso, Project Manager at Coastal Pet Products. “All these issues have been removed and because Indigo is a best practice system, it has helped us to tighten up all our processes for the better and ensure we have a much better grasp of total inventory,” he adds.

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