Welcome to the August 15th issue of Warehouse & Logistics News. In our front cover story, you can read how Exporta continue to lead the charge against the traditional packaging products used in the UK, such as wooden pallets, cardboard boxes and plastic shrink wrap. By providing sustainable and economical solutions made from recycled plastic to replace these items like plastic pallets, pallet boxes, pallet collars, containers, crates, and much more they aim to revolutionise warehouses and supply chains across all industries within Britain and more widely, Europe.


A manufacturer of reusable corrugated box closure solutions, Box Latch Europe, has supplied two New Jersey-based department store distribution centres, with their Box Latch carton closure device. The reusable product provides a sustainable alternative to traditional tape, staples, glue, bands and folded flaps. Its use created significant supply chain efficiencies resulting in over £400,000 in cost savings.

As part of its goal to become a world leader in eco-conscious hand protection solutions, Unigloves has launched a brand new sustainable glove range manufactured using recycled plastics. The new Nitrex RP sustainable glove range offers protective performance including mechanical, cut and impact protection, whilst reducing the use of virgin oil-based polyesters, water, CO2 and plastic packaging.

With big announcements of significant expansion and investments by network members, FreightForce, and Team C Express Logistics, the strength of the United Pallet Network (UPN) in Norfolk has increased substantially. This year Team C Express Logistics are outlaying a seven- figure investment, significantly expanding their site and further segmenting their businesses to optimise both service performance and growth potential. The £2.5 million FreightForce Distribution warehouse facility in Great Yarmouth is projected to become the main centre for the company’s future distribution operations.

By charging up to eight lead acid batteries simultaneously with a new high frequency charger from Hoppecke, logistics businesses can now save warehouse space and improve battery availability. The trak charger HF giant effectively replaces eight individual chargers, saving both floor and shelf space. A single unit with one power connection, it is the ideal solution when space is at a premium, or businesses are planning to refurbish or build a new warehouse, our fork lift trucks feature reports.

Recognising the crucial role of conveyors for streamlining operations, LAC has made it their mission to offer standardised solutions that set new industry benchmarks. By starting with 24V and belt conveyors, the company ensures a solid foundation for their conveyor portfolio, enabling businesses to experience faster lead times and competitive costs. By streamlining its conveyor manufacturing process and standardising key elements, LAC have not only achieved cost efficiencies but also improved the overall reliability and performance of their conveyor systems, according to our conveying and sortation feature.

Enjoy reading the issue.

James Surridge

Publishing Editor

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