Attending their second expo in the matter of a few weeks Rack Collapse Prevention is busy responding to enquiries about their unique warehouse racking safety system.

Having recently entered the Americas market, Rack Collapse Prevention’s safety system is already installed in various ambient, chilled and frozen warehouses and storage facilities across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Rack Collapse Prevention Company Founder Craig Attwell said: “Attending expos although hard work provides so many new opportunities, and with over three-decades of food and storage industry experience we’re well versed in dealing with the everyday and the unusual.

“Once our safety system is installed a damaged rack cannot buckle or collapse and stops the damaged rack from leaning past its point of no return and so removes any potential for progressive rack collapse.”

Fitted in all temperature environments, Rack Collapse Prevention’s safety system is exceptionally hard-wearing, and different to other racking safety systems by supporting from the top instead of reinforcing from the bottom, which in a collision event means the racking structure remains stable and standing, protecting stock, staff and removing the potential for significant business disruption.

Added Craig: “I’m always delighted to answer any questions and I just love seeing the ‘lightbulb moment’ when the person I’m speaking to sees the potential savings and benefits our system can bring.”

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