Welcome to the August 1st issue of Warehouse & Logistics News. Our front cover story reveals FlexiTog is the leading brand for cold store and chiller clothing in the UK. With over 45 years of experience supplying some of the largest players in the industry, FlexiTog is confident that they can help your company keep your staff warm and comfortable during the winter by delivering top-quality Thermal Protective Clothing.


A leading supplier of quality material handling equipment, Doosan Industrial Vehicle (DIV), has announced the successful transfer of its Parts Distribution Centre (PDC) from Sint-Niklaas, Belgium to Halle, Germany.

This strategic move comes as a result of the integration of DIV within Doosan Bobcat, a brand well- known for its leadership in the compact equipment industry.

Providing a safe and semi-permanent loading solution without the need for extensive remedial work to the building, Thorworld, in collaboration with its trusted sales agent DARMAX UK Ltd, has installed another modular loading dock for one of the UK’s leading supermarket chains. The retailer sought to improve the site’s existing loading operation, which relied on a scissor lift that was prone to breakdowns and thus causing delays in loading.

One of the UK’s leading fire safety and security solutions providers, Chubb, is celebrating a brand-new partnership with the Rhenus Group, one of the leading global logistics service providers. Rhenus Warehousing Solutions UK has selected Chubb to provide security for the company’s major new warehouse development at Baytree, Nuneaton.

Promising productivity, comfort and ease of use to a Gen Z warehouse workforce of the future, distribution centre technology provider Lucas Systems has announced its rollout of new technologies. The technologies – built to serve the new “iGeneration” of workers born between 1997 and 2012 – promise reduction of worker stress, a less physically-taxing work experience, and help for on-floor supervisors by providing the tools needed to be more agile. An all-new supervisor management console provides leadership with a high degree of flexibility and agility to customise data, dashboards, and analytics specific to their operation and needs, our warehouse automation and robotics feature reports.

Disrupting the lighting industry as we know it, Lightfair 2023 will witness the unveiling of a game-changing innovation. Danlers, Calumino and Indy have collaborated to develop a revolutionary intelligent lighting control sensor that accurately counts the number of people in a room at a price point approaching that of a high-end PIR sensor. The new Danler’s CAL-CEFL12V utilises Calumino’s next generation thermal sensor technology coupled with embedded AI and computer vision to not only detect the presence of people but also count them, providing real time occupancy data that can be used for HVAC optimisation, space utilisation, security and more, according to our warehouse lighting feature.

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