Temporary buildings are rapidly becoming a prominent solution for warehousing space constraints. Their versatile, affordable and time-saving qualities make them a great alternative to traditional brick and mortar buildings or off-site storage.

Over recent years, permanent buildings have become an impractical warehousing investment due to the lack of adaptability and lengthy construction times. As a result, temporary structures are a leading warehouse option.

What is a temporary warehouse building?

Temporary buildings provide immediate relief for your warehousing shortfalls. They successfully create warehouse space on your site to expand storage capabilities. Built with durable aluminium frames, temporary buildings offer fast installations and can be modified to accommodate your specific requirements.

With high levels of flexibility, temporary structures enable efficient warehousing without financial commitment. Robust and weatherproof, Aganto temporary buildings meet the snow and wind loads (BSEN 1991) and British Standards of Structural Safety. Available to rent or buy, they are an optimum solution for short-term or long-term warehousing use.

Benefits of a temporary warehouse


Temporary warehouse facilities are significantly inexpensive compared to permanent structures, especially if you require one for seasonal storage. Eliminating unnecessary expenses, groundworks and labour associated with a brick and mortar construction, a quality temporary warehouse can be on your site without a substantial drain on finances.


Quick to install and dismantle, temporary buildings allow for easy relocation and expansion to accompany your warehousing needs. Their versatility and adaptability make them an ideal solution for business growth or the fluctuation of storage demands. If the structure is no longer required, it can be removed with minimal operational disruptions.

Quick installations

In line with your fast-paced business environment, temporary structures are built within days compared to a permanent warehouse, which typically takes months or even years to construct. The speed of installation enables you to use your new warehouse quickly and reduce downtime.


Temporary warehousing structures offer a vast range of customisable options, including size and layout requirements. Other optional features include insulation, lighting, heating and cooling systems and more to tailor the building for your optimal warehousing space.

Bott Group case study

Bott Group manufacture a vast range of workshop systems, van racking and tool storage alongside complementary services. The Group operate globally and has many production sites in the UK. With their varied stock and service offerings, Bott Group often review options to increase their operational capacity within their facilities.

Bott Group wanted to increase their storage capacity and workshop space at their Ashby de la Zouch site to reduce off-site storage and transportation costs. As a previous client, they contacted Aganto for an efficient and economical solution.

Bott Group invested in a fully insulated 20m x 30m x5.2m temporary building. The structure met their desired 60/40 divide to accommodate warehousing storage and floor space for a vehicle workshop. The Aganto temporary building has helped Bott Group establish a model to achieve the long-term goal of transportation reduction costs. Bott Group’s UK Purchasing Manager, Graham Wright commented: “Aganto has provided us with good service for several years now, and we have a good relationship with them. Bott has a strong reputation for high product quality, service excellence and value for money. We always look to improve stock management efficiency while creating better working environments. I would certainly recommend their temporary buildings to anyone looking at flexible building options. I have every intention of continuing to use Aganto in the future.”

If you’d like to learn more about temporary warehouses and the benefits they can bring to your operations, you can visit our website www.aganto.co.uk or contact one of our team on 01635 202979.


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