Reducing your carbon footprint is increasingly important these days for many companies as customers are becoming more and more concerned about the rising cost of energy and the impact usage has on the environment. Customers now prefer companies that are taking steps to become more environmentally aware than those that don’t.

The Klimate K2 Freezer Door is a versatile freezer solution designed to help businesses save money by lowering their costs. It features an air defrost system that eliminates the need for defrosting, and temperature controlled rooms that can be used to store food and medicinal products in factories and warehouses. Additionally, the Klimate K2 Freezer Door helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption, thus helping to save money on rising energy costs.

Other great features include an air defrost system which feeds heated air through the side guide heaters into the gap between the door curtains and up through the canopy, ensuring the door remains ice and condensation free. The door’s hinged, resettable breakaway tabs can also reduce the risk of severe damage to the bottom rail in the event of impact.

New generation, programmable diagnostic control panels with LED screens show the current status of the door and, as with all High Speed Doors from Klimate, a full technical support team is at hand to offer advice and guidance when the need arises at no extra cost, ensuring you’re never left without a properly working door.

If your business premises have temperature controlled rooms, you could significantly benefit from our Klimate K2 Freezer Doors by BID Group Ltd. Get in touch with our team today to find out more!

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