We are a multi-award-winning family-owned business that has been trading since 1974. We pride ourselves on investing in new products and services that we bring to the market. The scale and scope of our operations ensure we can deliver a personalised, bespoke service, whatever the needs. Based in the East Midlands with 345,000 ft² Head Office and Production Facilities.

Gary Coleman, Managing Director at Nene Warehouse Solutions spoke to Warehouse & Logistics News.

Why was it important for Nene Warehouse Solutions to achieve membership status with the CHAS and SafeContractor SSIP accreditation schemes?

It’s twofold really, firstly many of our current and potential clients insist on SSIP schemes so that they know we are compliant in their fields, but also, it’s good to have an independent audit to ensure that you’re not working to the status quo. Being asked a question and challenged on the answer is not always a bad thing; it can be good to continue to challenge your processes and procedures.

What is SSIP?

Safety Schemes in Procurement, which is vitally important in our industry.

What are the benefits of SSIP?

As the audits are carried out every year, and the renewals for each are at different times, this ensures that we’re constantly up to date with our responsibilities from a compliance perspective. It also reassures all our clients, whether they are registered with an SSIP themselves or not, that we are following the correct procedures. Of course, the further advantage is that it can open us up to working with clients that we may not have worked with before, because they are on the SSIP list too.

Why does Nene Warehouse Solutions need to have four SSIP accreditations?

The honest answer is that between our multiple clients, we have been requested to attain them. However, whilst we’ve had at least one for many years, each SSIP asks slightly different questions, so it’s been a great learning curve and improvement driver going through the additional audits.

How does it feel to win 2 awards at this year’s SME Northamptonshire Business Awards?

It’s amazing. Even to be nominated by your peers as ‘outstanding’ in your field is a true compliment. Winning 2 out of the 3 we were finalists for is truly fantastic!

How can warehouse operators increase storage capacity?

Even though the concept of storing products has been around for years, there’s always new ways to squeeze even more into the same space. As with most sectors and life in general, technology is the forerunner. Automation and robotics are becoming more and more accessible as costs come down, and therefore even the smallest facility may benefit.

Which types of racking would you recommend for warehouses?

This depends on so many factors – what the product is that’s being stored, how often the products are being called upon, whether they are palletised etc. The real answer here is that there is no single solution for all. It is remarkable how we can be contacted to supply a quotation for a storage solution, and then after engaging with the client on their products, we end up supplying a completely different option to their initial thoughts, and it can often be cheaper too!

How do you help clients find the right shelving solution?

It’s the same as above really; you need to understand what is being stored, the sizes, the weight of the items etc, and the operation of picking, speed of items being called upon, and then designing the best solution around the client’s needs and the area available. The simple answer is to contact us and let us take care of it!

What are the Pallite Pix shelving?

Pallite Pix is a flexible, high-density storage option manufactured from sustainably sourced materials. It’s produced from honeycomb paper cardboard and is 100% recyclable. It’s moveable and adjustable to allow for a myriad of changes in inventory levels. And if those levels temporarily dip, the system can be flat packed for temporary storage away if necessary.

What is a shelf partitioning system?

SPS is a wire mesh system designed for picking levels, available with standard 600mm and 900mm depths, ideally to retrofit into existing adjustable pallet racking or longspan applications. As there is no fixing to the levels, it is easily self-installed. They are adjustable and perfect for rapidly changing stocks. It is popular with click-and-collect clients, where one item is stored may be a TV and the next an iron, two very different sized products, but with a simple ‘slide’ of a divider, the products are neatly separated.

How can mezzanine floors help warehouses make use of space?

In almost any warehouse design, there is going to be an area where there is low-level working or available height. Inevitably this means that there is free space above. A mezzanine floor solution is designed to build extra levels above that working area, thus creating further storage or operational space.

How does Nene’s galvanised steel cantilever racking enable clients to utilise outdoor space?

We live in a green and pleasant land, and it’s green mainly due to the rain! If you are looking to store products outside, then the equipment storing it should be suitable. At Nene, we hold stocks of galvanised pallet racking and cantilever systems, perfect for outdoor use. It’s also ideal for use within chiller facilities too, where the humidity levels are high.

How can racking hire help warehouses increase capacity?

You may have a contract with your client for a certain period and you’re leasing the MHE, the building, you may even have your staff on contract… so why outlay valuable capital on the racking? Nene offer finance options to suit any business to drastically improve your cash flow. When the hire term is up, we can come and take the racking away, you can extend the hire, or outright purchase it. It’s entirely your choice.

How does Nene benefit clients through warehouse design?

With nearly 50 years in the industry and a team of vast knowledge, Nene can work with the client in every step of the process. From acquiring the land to building the warehouse, to turning the key in the door on the very first day of operating. (Along with everything in between). To really give the customer what they need requires an understanding of their operation and products. This in turn leads to arriving with a solution that will work and give the best efficiency for them to not have to intervene, but instead focus on what they are experts in.

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