When buying an industrial door it is advisable to consider life cycle costs. To be cost effective a door must be sturdily built, adequately maintained, accident-friendly and supported by a decent after-sales service. However, buyers often chose the cheapest door and neglect regular maintenance issues. Warehouse owners need to choose a door supplier. Good door manufacturers will take prospective buyers to see its doors in action at its various customer sites to obtain their feedback on all issues affecting doors and it is wise to take up such offers.

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Door manufacturer Hörmann have been working on an environmental strategy to make a real difference since 2016 when 847 solar panels were installed on the roof of the warehouse at their Coalville headquarters. Generating up to 180,00 kWh of electricity per year (enough energy to power the average family home for 38 years) the panels supply 100% of the power needed to operate the site during the summer daytimes. With the introduction of an Eticom smart building and energy management system, alongside simple things like using surplus generated power to re-charge the forklifts during the weekend and setting smart schedules for machinery when not needed, a 5% reduction in the amount of electricity used over the past 12 months has been achieved.

Union Industries, the Leeds-based manufacturer of high-speed industrial doors, is ramping up its focus on innovation with a £200,000 commitment to develop new technologies. Announced at its recent AGM, the employee-owned company has placed innovation at the core of its growth strategy and is growing its Research and Development (R&D) department as it develops new industrial door solutions. Having already developed the “Green Door” concept which uses energy reduction technologies to operate in a more cost-efficient manner, and a system that enables its doors to send real-time status updates to its maintenance teams, Union is now pursuing automation innovations to aid customers developing facilities with minimal workforce requirements.

Following extensive redesign, manufacturing and on-site testing across the world, Stertil Dock Products has launched its latest generation Combilok G2 automated vehicle restraint system. To ensure ‘double lock’ safety during all loading and unloading operations, the new Combilok G2 may be installed complete with a two-way interlocking feature. This optional level of security prevents the warehouse door being opened and the dock leveller operated until the vehicle is securely restrained.

BID Group’s Ardent Stainless Steel High Speed Doors are designed for business units where demands for hygiene are high, such as the food and medical sectors. Not only can our doors reduce pollutants, they are also designed for easy cleaning. Their PVC curtains have been manufactured to withstand frequent use of strong cleaning agents, meaning no amount of cleaning will affect the quality, helping you to meet your hygiene standards.

As it is such an important investment, one hopes warehouse owners are prudent when choosing their industrial doors.

George Simpson

Features Editor

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