United Pallet Network (UPN) has announced “DRIVE SERVICE QUALITY” as its “route to success” in 2022.

“DRIVE SERVICE QUALITY” has been introduced this year by UPN to further energise a strong team ethic nationally and regionally to help the leading UK Pallet Network to drive its business forward.

Both UPN management and UPN member partners are signing up to a joint qualitative and quantitative Partnership Charter Commitment within which everyone is accountable nationally and regionally to “DRIVE SERVICE QUALITY.

The charter drawn up by UPN management and members together and agreed together will bind “Team UPN” through a shared formal commitment to service performance KPIs. It’s a clear statement of intent by UPN to take the high ground and confirm the market position stated by its well-known signature line – “First Class Travel for Palletised Freight”.

The “DRIVE SERVICE QUALITY” initiative aims to boost its “Team UPN” ethos and energise a culture of active positive communication, shared accountability, shared commitment, shared positive focus, and shared supportiveness right across the UPN network to further boost both service performance and member engagement.

“Our Partnership Charter will be a clear point of reference for all of us within UPN as we commit to drive service quality”, said UPN Managing Director – David Brown,

“Locally our members will of course be committing to their colleagues in Team UPN. But also centrally our UPN Function Heads in Operations, Customer Services, Compliance, Accounts, and Sales will also be signing up. This will be a true Partnership Charter Commitment that will help take UPN to exciting new levels of service performance”

“We are giving local and regional hauliers an opportunity to be a part of a Pallet Network that is different. UPN is a network that is friendly, flexible, and loyal. We are member focussed and highly professional without being overly “corporate”. We are also now the only privately owned stand-alone network in the UK”, said David,

“Our network has never been so “in demand”. We are receiving a huge number of enquiries from hauliers seeking to join. Indeed we’ve had well over eighty enquiries in the past year. We just cannot find enough territories for everyone who wants to join. Our member territories have become scarce opportunities. We are also finding that members who are dual networking are now gravitating to UPN as their preferred network.”

Despite the historic challenges thrown up over the past couple of years UPN continues to outperform the Pallet Network Sector and gain meaningful market share due to its unique market positioning and reputation. Indeed for UPN 2021 was a landmark year, in its 20th anniversary year UPN broke new records and saw superb growth. Maintaining an ongoing strategy of strong stable self-sufficient business growth UPN saw an increase in volumes of over 25%.

“Our growth has been excellent and indeed has outperformed the sector based on a variety of criteria,” said UPN MD – David Brown,

“Our tremendous growth throughout 2021 has meant that UPN has had to significantly accelerate our own development plans,” said MD – David Brown, “These expansion investments are great news for UPN, our members, and their customers.”

Indeed, UPN has already hit the ground running in 2022 with two major expansion announcements. UPN has boosted investment in its central sortation workforce and forklift fleet by over 50%, in response to the huge increase in demand for its palletised freight delivery services throughout 2021. UPN is introducing SmartHUB 2, a new facility that will boosts central sortation capacity to over 15,000 pallets per night.

Furthermore UPN over recent months has improved its high-quality partner network with the introduction of ten important new “Team UPN” members across the UK.

“I’m really pleased to be welcoming these excellent new additions to our Team UPN family,” said UPN MD – David Brown, “They are going to be valuable assets to our growing network as we move into an important and exciting year for UPN”.


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