Welcome to the March 15th issue of Warehouse & Logistics News. In our front cover story you can read how, in order to run a warehouse profitably, a storage solution is needed that makes full use of the space, designed for the type, weight and handling of products, ensuring efficient throughput. Warehouses also have a legal obligation to ensure the racking is fit for purpose. Using members of the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) guarantees the racking system will be correctly designed, manufactured, installed and maintained to meet SEMA Standards, the requirements of the warehouse and longevity of product.


Leading vertical storage lift company Randex is launching a new version of its ‘Compact’ system, built using its industry-benchmark automated vertical storage technology. New features of this latest system include a modern, updated HMI touchscreen that is highly intuitive and user friendly according to early feedback from Randex users.

Sometimes called a roll container, roll trolley, roll pallet or cage trolley, these containers are hugely versatile and are a crucial part of many warehouse and retail operations. Exporta has recognised the need to provide these roll containers to customers with next day delivery as an option, so has launched a brand-new range for 2022. The range focuses on two key styles of roll container commonly used in the UK and is supported with spare parts and accessories such as shelves and straps.

Unipart’s Digital Enterprise System (UDES) and forecasting system Unipart Dragonfly together form a quick-to-deploy system that automates and streamlines processes, providing warehouses with the control and visibility needed to run the operation at the optimal pace, without having the large price tag associated with it. The systems can be deployed to best fit warehouses’ needs, either as a set of web applications or as a plug-in service to enhance other tools, such as Unipart’s Inventory system; providing users with an end-to-end solution with full visibility, according to our warehouse I.T. feature.

Hörmann UK has supplied rolling shutter doors for the refurbishment of a storage and distribution facility for East Midlands based Stephen Sanderson Transport, our doors and curtains feature reports. Hörmann has provided a total of seven Decotherm DD roller shutter doors as part of the renovation works to the building, with two being 7m in height.

The Leuze BCL 200i, the latest addition to the BCL series of stationary bar code readers, is ideal for container and tray identification and is especially suited to conveyor systems with limited installation space. The BCL 200i is a 1D bar code reader with integrated industrial interfaces and simple PROFINET configuration, reveals our conveying and sortation feature. The compact design makes it particularly suitable for applications with limited installation space such as on or between conveyor lines. Enjoy reading the issue.

James Surridge

Publishing Editor

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