For omnichannel retailers shifting shoppers to their online channels, they face a profitability challenge and a loyalty challenge.

44% of shoppers will now consider an alternative supplier if they are disappointed in a service twice.

With fewer barriers to exit, shoppers have been showing that they are much more readily prepared to switch between retailers online compared to when they were previously shopping in-store. Retailers are still struggling to personalise online services to achieve a stronger emotional brand affiliation than they had previously been able to do with relative ease through the in-store environment.

Apps cannot replicate a physical visitor’s ability to scan a shelf, make substitutions and, crucially, discover things they didn’t know they wanted. Long term customer loyalty is now fast becoming a priority for all online retailers. It isn’t enough that retailers have enticing offers for new shoppers to maximise their initial conversion rates; they must also work hard to win back shoppers they have previously lost while ensuring they do all they can to reduce switching in the first instance.

Many retailers already know the answer lies in owning and using customer data appropriately. Many can now surface new products with a high appeal to shoppers by shaping a personal experience. However, this is meaningless unless the retail can be relied on to offer availability and delivery when the shopper desires it the most.

At TGW, we work with omnichannel retailers to understand the different ways in which they can move away from the current limitations and constraints of their existing online fulfilment solutions and move to new, innovative, last-mile delivery models that have significantly higher levels of resilience and capacity for the future.

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