A former logistics director has launched a new business to help the sector safeguard against the spread of Covid and further driver shortages arising from the spread of the virus.

It comes on the heels of statistics recently released by the Road Haulage Association which reveal that that there is a shortage of up to 100,000 drivers due to what it has termed as the perfect storm of Brexit and Covid.

Corporate finance expert, Steve Thornhill, who was previously finance director at one of the UK’s leading pallet networks, has launched Protect It which distributes a range of disinfectant and sanitizing solutions, as well as ionizing air purification products, to help UK companies deal with the ongoing challenge of all manner of bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus and its different variants. Its products include the market leading ShieldMe range after Thornhill acquired the sole distribution rights in the UK.

He sees the logistics sector as a prime target for the business due to the impact of Covid on the supply chain, which has created major operational problems for logistics providers and customers alike.

Says Thornhill: “From drivers to warehouse staff, Covid has had a dramatic impact on logistics providers’ capacity to meet the needs of their customers causing issues upstream in the supply chain. Protect It and its range of products is designed to speedily, efficiently and safely protect against the spread of the virus in the logistics environment.

“We have developed a non-alcohol based disinfectant fogger that is ideal for the fast-moving logistics environment, from the drivers cab to warehousing facilities. Proven to eliminate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria on surfaces, it acts in less than one minute, is non-irritating to the skin and non-flammable and eco-friendly.”

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