Welcome to the December 1st issue of Warehouse & Logistics News. GS Yuasa have announced the launch of a new range of traction batteries for the European material handling market. Their new range of batteries has been designed for use in applications ranging from forklift trucks to materials handling equipment and floor cleaning machines. 24, 48 and 80 Volt solutions are available utilising their specialist 2 Volt traction cells to offer high performance and minimal maintenance.


To mitigate the effects of its operations on the environment, NewCold has commissioned several 100% electric, THT New Cool refrigerated trailers, which do not require a diesel engine to drive the refrigeration and as such, produce no CO2 emissions or particulates, while operating in complete silence. When the trailer slows down, energy is generated by the axle which is stored in an aluminium-encased battery pack. The energy is then transferred to the electric-powered refrigeration system to cool the load inside the trailer.

The AZA Group has opened a logistics warehouse in Sagunto (Valencia) with a capacity for 45,000 pallets thanks to AR Racking’s industrial storage solutions. The 25,000 sq m warehouse will be fully optimised with VNA racking designed, manufactured and installed by AR Racking. Greater compaction is mainly created by narrowing the work aisles, which can reduce the width by up to 1.85 metres and save up to 40% in space.

The requirements in order picking are diverse and so are the users’ needs for information. Users need to know what degree of automation is necessary, among many other considerations. Order picking has become more sophisticated over the last decade and there are more advances to come as robotics evolves further, says our order picking feature.

The volume of e-commerce has reached record levels over the last two years, with the long term trend towards online shopping exaggerated by the pandemic, according to our buildings and facilities feature. This trend has created a demand for storage space. With the growth in e-commerce set to continue in the years to come, the consequent demand for warehouse storage is good news for suppliers of buildings and facilities.

Packaging supply chains have had to cope with Brexit and the pandemic this year. Challenges have included a materials shortage, transportation problems, fuel shortages, inflated shipping costs and backlogs at ports, our packaging feature reports. Packaging firms are continuing to innovate despite the numerous challenges facing them.

Enjoy reading the issue.

James Surridge

Publishing Editor

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