We were contacted by one of the UK’s Leading Dairy manufacturers to conduct a packaging audit. They were experiencing issues with pallet containment and stability with many pallets being reported to have collapsed costing thousands in damaged products and supermarket fines. Products were being damaged in transit and affecting company reputation.

The challenge

Our client’s brief was to conduct a full packaging audit in order to identify areas where improvements could be made to eliminate any transit issues and stop pallets from failing.

Existing product

The current pallet wrap being used was a 250% 23mu pallet wrap, the company was applying a staggering 745grams of pallet wrap with an average containment force of 5.38kg.

After auditing and testing the film extensively, we decided to replace this with Wrap and Pack’s Alpha 15- A 15mu 55layer nano film capable of 400% stretch. We then trialled this film in a controlled setting to give a direct comparison compared to the existing film


In the month that followed across the trial, no pallets using the new film collapsed or failed. The Alpha 15 film increased the containment force up to 11.9kg whilst reducing the plastic used to 216g… a massive 71% reduction.

The Benefits

•Commercially – combined savings of over £1.6million across the group

•Environmentally – 71% Less plastic used over 170tonnes of Co2 saved

•Increased productivity – Less roll changes and less clean ups saving over 1000 hours of man power across the year

•Less complaints – Items arrive in correct condition which stops claims and complaints from clients = better relations

We are enjoying being a packaging partner with this client and are continuing to monitor their success and guide them through their packaging operation. The feedback of our service is fantastic with the project lead quoting: “We are extremely pleased with the results we are experiencing from the change. WRAP AND PACK made everything so simple and easy to understand offering deep and knowledgeable insight into what we were doing both correctly but also incorrectly. They have always let their product and results do the talking. The problems we were experiencing have vanished and the saving we achieved is monumental and very welcome in these challenging times. The thing that impresses me most of all is how they constantly monitor their own performance to ensure the product is maintaining its performance level. A truly amazing level of service.”

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