As eCommerce corrugated packaging consumption has increased, with an increasing trend to buy online, we launched our own online store, Weedon Direct, earlier in the year. This enables our online customers to buy directly from a manufacturer to cut their packaging costs.

To meet demands specifically in the warehouse and logistics industry, we have now tailored a section of our online store directly to the industry.

Pick Bins

The new range of pick bins are the ideal solution for customers looking for warehouse storage, ensuring easy, clear-cut organisation. Manufactured from single wall corrugated cardboard, they are commonly used as picking and storage bins in several different industries for small to large components or items. Each bin features a lowered front panel for ease of access to goods. Thanks to their folding design, cardboard picking bins are simple to assemble and do not require any glue or staples.

As these pick bins are 100% recyclable, they are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic picking trays.

Corrugated Layer Pads

Corrugated layer pads are ideal for high-speed packing operations and commonly used as pads, dividers and partitions. These corrugated sheets are an inexpensive, useful addition to any packing operation, providing additional protection to items which do not need to withstand significant pressure or weight.

Our single wall layer pads are manufactured from the same high quality corrugated board as our single wall boxes. They offer excellent resistance to puncturing and require minimal space for storage.

We also provide standard double wall sized layer pads, manufactured from BC Flute with 7mm thickness, perfect for keeping your loaded pallet safe and steady, whether they are stocked for storage or ready to deliver in transit.

Manufactured from FSC certified, 100% recyclable, corrugated cardboard.

Range of Cardboard Boxes

As the UK’s leading independent manufacturer of corrugated packaging, we offer a range of great value boxes in popular sizes, held in stock and available for immediate delivery. We have single wall or more robust double wall corrugated cases, all 0201 style.

We offer 10kg capacity single wall cardboard boxes, low-cost packing boxes and a selection of 25kg capacity double wall cardboard boxes which are ideal for delicate or fragile products that need greater protection.

We welcome you to visit our online packaging store:


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