P&O Maritime Logistics, a Dubai-based marine solutions and logistics company, has completed a three-year long project supporting the development of the Tengiz field in Kazakhstan, one of the world’s six largest oil fields, an entire season ahead of schedule.

In 2016, P&O Maritime Logistics entered a consortium with Blue Water Shipping to provide a unique class of vessel which meets the specific challenges of delivering oil production equipment through the Russian Inland Waterway System (RIWS) on behalf of its client, Tengizchevroil (TCO).

The project saw the bespoke design and construction of 20 Multi-Carrying Vessels (MCVs), responsible for transporting heavy oil & gas modules from transhipment hubs in the Black Sea and Finland, to Kazakhstan. All 20 vessels were constructed within a total of 20 months due to the strong cooperation between P&O Maritime Logistics, it’s consortium partners and Vard Shipyards.

P&O Maritime Logistics ensured the safe transportation of the modules through the RIWS, known for its series of narrow locks and passages using specialised new MCVs, which are designed to navigate complex conditions safely and efficiently. The MCVs carried approximately 200,000MT of cargo for the project through the RIWS in water passages only three metres deep. Once moved to the Tengiz site in Northern Kazakhstan, the modules were assembled to form a new production facility, which serves to enhance oil production capacity as part of TCO’s “Future Growth Project”.

Overall, P&O Maritime Logistics MCVs were able to deliver the modules 40% faster than would have been the case if a conventional tug and barge operation were used – making the journey faster and more cost-effective for customers.

In total, 222 modules were transported to Kazakhstan over the three-year course of the project and all module deliveries were completed one season ahead of the original delivery schedule, with the final delivery taking place in December 2020. Moreover, zero delays were experienced due to technical breakdown or navigational issues and no ELC incidents occurred.


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