Lighthouse has been supplying labelling systems to the warehouse and logistics industry, for over 30 years. During that time, a variety of technical advancements have greatly increased the ways in which we can help the industry achieve enhanced levels of efficiency, saving time and money.

The real benefit of being able to produce shelf and pallet labels, floor markers and hanging signs on-demand, is ultimately to enable pickers to identify items quickly and with minimal picking errors.

With our latest technology, we have seen our clients, who include 76 of the FTSE100, take a really innovative approach to identifying everything in their facilities. For example, not many years ago, labels routinely contained part numbers and perhaps a bar code. Now, we regularly see photos of parts featuring on the label, to help confirm the correct item is being selected. These can either be black and white, or full-colour photos, imported individually, or via a database. Simple colour-coding is also popular, along with the inclusion of part numbers, descriptions and bar codes.

Another simple, but useful feature, which has greatly impacted on the effectiveness of location identification, is size. Our systems can now produce labels up to 200mm wide, which enables a much greater reading distance, whilst also creating more space for extra content, such as product/part photos.

To take our systems into new application areas within the industry, over the years, we have developed a fantastic range of innovative materials. Our robust, anti-slip floor marking supply, is extremely popular, as are our freezer and even cryogenic options. There’s a vast array of colours and adhesive types to suit all applications within the environment.

Another development is that not only can our systems print multi-colour, water-proof, UV stable and rub/chemical resistant output, but also vinyl-cut lettering. This has proved extremely useful for aisle markers and larger signs, as well as for use in transport applications. Being able to put specific instructions and identification on trailer units, cabs and vans, in any language, has proved extremely popular.

All the businesses we supply have a variety of other requirements that are met by our systems, including health & safety, directional signage, facilities signage, nameplates, electrical and maintenance labels, pipe markers, etc.

To find out more, visit our web site and get in touch via our contact page.

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