Robust safety protocols are essential in the modern warehouse, both from a stock and personnel perspective. Warehouse Partners specialises in the supply of the best protection systems available and is why the company is the premier provider of netting-based safety products for the warehouse sector.

It has developed a range of innovative netting solutions suitable for the warehousing and manufacturing sectors, none more so than its RackNets™ range, which is a cost-effective risk-reduction system for containing and restraining valuable stock, thereby protecting it from damage during its storage at a warehouse. The easily installed restraint system also helps to keep warehouse personnel safe by protecting them from falling items.

The alternative to anti-collapse mesh at the back-of-racks/in-flue, RackNets™ Safety Netting acts as a protective barrier containing and restraining loads stored within pallet bays.

The RackNets™ system is trusted by warehouse operators throughout the UK, with Warehouse Partners having supplied more than 300km of the netting to its trade customers.

The British-made system is available exclusively through Warehouse Partners and has been thoroughly evaluated to ensure it is a safe and proven solution.

This point is important, as the testing has helped to show that where traditional steel mesh fails, RackNets™ stay secure and can easily contain and restrain loads weighing up to 1,000kg.

The RackNets™ netting can be installed far quicker than traditional steel mesh, thanks to the acclaimed Gripple fixing system, which ensures minimal disruption to warehouse operations. The system can also be retrofitted to existing racking.

Chris Hopkirk, Sales Director, Warehouse Partners said: “One of our customers supplied RackNets™ to a warehouse after a pallet fell from high racking. Horizontal mesh decks had been installed within wider aisles to allow for the mixed storage of narrower Euro pallets alongside traditional sized pallets. However, the size difference between the Euro pallets and the larger 900mm frame width created an unsuitable gap.

“An investigation following the accident found that the horizontal mesh decks had acted as a sliding board for any pallets lifted onto the shelving. This created a potential risk for pallet fall-out from 10m-high racking and the potential to injure any worker who happened to be underneath the racking at the time.

“Our customer asked for help and we recommended a RackNets™ system. Extending the racking uprights and adding bracing members allowed the new netting to extend beyond the top pallet, maximising protection to both stock and personnel.”

RackNets™ is available from the Warehouse Partners’ reseller network. Interested parties can contact Warehouse Partners which will direct inquiries to the most appropriate reseller.

Parties interested in becoming a Warehouse Partners reseller should contact Chris Wallbank on 07504 800966 or email

For more information on RackNets™, visit

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