Welcome to the October 1st issue of Warehouse & Logistics News. SEMA has announced it wants to ensure that each qualified installer on its new SEIRS training programme has achieved a minimum level of assessed practical skill in the installation of the storage product. The training course will now change to encompass two parts. Installers new to the industry will first attend the Foundation Course. Existing installers who already hold an in-date SEIRS card will only need to attend the Diploma Course.


Well done to Tosca, a global leader in reusable container and pallet pooling for supply chains, which has added a comprehensive IoT service called Asset IQ to its broad portfolio of reusable assets. Tosca Asset IQ is supply chain IoT that delivers critical data and insights about supply chain performance. Partners will use it to find efficiencies and relieve bottlenecks, leading to better performance.

Congratulations to Weedon Direct which has introduced an exclusive packaging range specifically for the warehouse and logistics industry. The new range of pick bins are the ideal solution for customers looking for warehouse storage, ensuring easy, clear-cut organisation. Manufactured from single wall corrugated cardboard, they are commonly used as picking and storage bins in several different industries for small to large components or items.

The warehouse industry is busier than ever, which is a positive development, but that busyness increases the risk of accidents. To this end, the UK Material Handling Association is running a five week safety drive from October 4 to November 1, our fork lift trucks feature reports. It is wonderful to see the industry innovating but as it does, let’s hope it always puts safety first.

A massive shift to digital solutions is now well underway in warehousing but, as more companies make the move from manual to automated processes, they may risk leaving their employees behind. Bosses need to prepare their staff accordingly to embrace new technology as an opportunity, rather than perceive it as a threat. It takes both clear communication and a willingness to learn – and especially around the cultural shift to slick, best-of-breed WMS from an onerous and manual paper-based system, says our Warehouse I.T. feature.

Choosing the right doors for any industrial property can be difficult, especially as industrial doors are such a crucial part of the business, providing access and keeping staff and goods secure. One of the first things to consider is whether you require internal or external doors for your warehouse, according to our doors and curtains feature. Another consideration is security – if your employees work inside the warehouse, you will require doors which comply with the relevant health and safety regulations, such as fire-resistant doors.

Enjoy reading the issue.

James Surridge

Publishing Editor


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