Following Brexit, the way that UK logistics firms engage with their self-employed workforce has been thrown into the limelight, with a crucial focus on recruiting and retaining drivers for firms of all sizes.

Tom Hills, COO of self-employment tech company Wise

For generations, logistics businesses have faced a wide range of difficulties recruiting and onboarding self-employed drivers whilst remaining efficient and compliant. With Brexit providing a further issue to navigate, companies will need to embrace technology and automation where possible to stay efficient and competitive.

Tom Hills, COO of self-employment tech company Wise, said: “We hear from companies of all sizes that recruiting subcontractors is taking more time than ever. The relaxation of COVID rules has reduced drivers’ availability. Combine this with EU changes and a backlog in driving tests, and you can see why the recruitment has been so challenging.

“Firms are ramping up effort; this means tonnes of paperwork, chasing candidates, scanning documentation and filling out forms for ten candidates to fill one open position. This paperwork is required so companies can’t take shortcuts, but more work at the frontend for the same drivers on the road, of course, means efficiencies need to be found elsewhere.”

Adopting technology can be the answer, with those who respond quickly set to experience a competitive advantage. The firms taking advantage of software and digital innovations simplify their business and provide tangible benefits to their subcontractors.

Mike Stokes, General Manager at Go Services Solutions, added: “Creating efficiencies in our operations has become essential. Luckily for me, we have a very proactive team at GSS, and we’ve stolen a march in technology adoption, but now is not the time to become complacent – the post-brexit logistics sector will be harder work than ever before.”

Over 180 UK logistics companies are currently using the Wise platform to improve the way they onboard new self-employed subcontractors and engage their workforce, with over 10,000 drivers currently using the app. To find out more, head to



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