The new Lantech QL-400 with its intuitive user interface is helping Antalis to meet the growing demand for smart, user-friendly packaging machinery.

The QL-400, available from Antalis Packaging, builds on the features of the ever-popular Q-300 semi-automatic stretch wrapper with the addition of Lantech’s patented control system, Load Guardian.

Load Guardian creates, maintains and delivers the right containment for safe-to-ship loads, every time. It minimises operator interaction and removes the guess work from stretch wrapping loads of any configuration.

The Load Guardian user interface features Intelligent Set-up to intuitively guide users through the profile creation process using recognised icons and smart-phone-like simplicity to calculate the right containment force.

The Wrap App eliminates the need for operators to make manual adjustments for common load applications. The Help function provides video and text instructions to help solve common stretch wrapping issues, such as breaking, twisting and crushing.

The QL-400 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper requires no scheduled preventative maintenance and comes with a three-year warranty.



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