Your next piece of moving equipment ought to be a tow tug, and here are 5 handy reasons why.

Tow tugs are a machine designed to drag individual or multiple interlocked trailers of a heavy weight. They’re available in multiple sizes to accommodate different trailer widths and lengths, so you’ll be able to find a model for warehouse application to shifting military equipment. Tow tugs can prove a secret weapon when you’re looking to move heavy loads without a forklift.

If you’re still not convinced, here are 5 benefits of using tow tugs.

  1. Tow Tugs don’t require a license

While you still need to operate tow tug machinery with caution, you don’t need any official qualifications or a license. Once employees are shown how to drive their tow tug safely, they’re good to go and shift trailers of any size. You won’t need to spend time putting your team members through tests to operate your equipment, and you don’t need to appoint official tow tug operators since anyone can do the job.

  1. Tow Tugs are compact in storage

Naturally, your machinery won’t be in use every hour of every day. For the instances where your tow tugs are being kept in storage, you’ll find they’re much more compact than forklifts. You can afford to keep more tow tugs in your warehouse than you’d be able to fit other moving equipment, so you could buy multiple machines to use at one time. More machines equal more productivity!

  1. Tow Tugs are environmentally friendly

Tow tug machines tend to be battery operated rather than using fossil fuels and producing harmful emissions. If your business aims to reduce its carbon footprint, your moving equipment needs to support your mission. Pursuing sustainability means choosing eco-friendly business machinery wherever possible, so tow tugs will perform well while supporting your cause.

  1. Tow Tugs are simple and straightforward

Not only are tow tugs simple to operate without a license, but they’re also straightforward to service and maintain. New models tend to come with a year’s warranty, and there are specialist companies that offer servicing and maintenance for your tow tug machines. As long as you stay on top of repairs and treat your tow tug machines with care and caution, you shouldn’t struggle to manage your moving equipment.

  1. Tow Tugs come with changeable tyres

You can adjust the tyres on your tow tug depending on where you’re operating! There are non-marking tyres if you’re using your tow tug machinery in a hall and more durable tyres for outdoor application when you’re moving heavy loads on grass or concrete. No matter what you’re looking to achieve with your tow tug, you can be certain that your machine will manage it with a tyre change.

Article provided by Industar

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