Anthony Shian
UK Operations & Innovation Director

One of the country’s leading industrial cleaning machine suppliers Beta Solutions Ltd has become the sole UK distributor for the Neo 2 fully autonomous floor cleaning robot. Designed and manufactured by Canadian robotics powerhouse Avidbots, Neo 2 is the world’s first fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot powered by an industry leading AI Platform and a range of other integrated technologies.

Anthony Shian, UK Operations & Innovation Director, Beta Solutions, spoke to Warehouse & Logistics News and said: “We are incredibly excited and proud to be the exclusive partner and distributor for Avidbots in the UK. Bringing the best-in-class fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot Neo into UK industry with its world-class safety features, is a perfect match for the logistical deployment expertise and elite customer service ability of the Beta Solutions team.

Avidbots was seeking a UK partner that could deliver the same high level of customer service their customers have become accustomed to. They found that with our team at Beta Solutions. We are already seeing strong interest in major brand operations and we are looking forward to a long and robust relationship with Avidbots in the UK.”

Are we ready for robots?

It is no secret that on-site cleanliness and hygiene has been absolutely paramount over the course of the last 12 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The warehousing and logistics sector is one of just a handful of industries that has been operating throughout, often leading the way in innovative safety measures. Couple that with the inevitable arrival of the autonomous revolution and it is easy to see why robotic solutions like Neo 2 are making waves in the UK.

As the UK now looks to the future and the road out of the pandemic, cleaning practises are being revised throughout the warehousing and logistics sector and beyond. Disinfection, sterilisation and sanitation of touch points have become a critical part of the fight against the virus often at the detriment to other valued tasks. The solution is Neo 2; designed for cleaning and sanitising vast spaces with hard-flooring, Neo 2 offers the opportunity to free up the workforce allowing them to focus on revenue generating or business critical activities.

How does Neo 2 do this?

Put very simply, Neo 2 is the most advanced purpose built floor cleaning robot available on the market. Powered by the Avidbots AI Platform and featuring an industry leading 14 sensors, Neo 2 has full 360 degrees visibility. Coupled with advanced diagnostics and the proprietary Avidbots Command Center, Neo 2 operates with minimal human intervention, delivering maximum uptime and repeatability due to leading-edge automation.

The Avidbots AI Platform enables Neo 2 to handle navigating dynamic environments with ease and with real-time obstacle avoidance Neo 2 avoids anyone or anything, including forklifts or other AMRs. If an area or aisle is blocked, Neo has the intelligence to try and enter the aisle from the other end to continue cleaning that area.

Advanced Dynamic Planning

The vast majority of robotic floor scrubbers operate using the ‘teach and repeat’ method. This process means that the robot will only store the cleaning route it is taught by the operator and has a limited ability to deal with change. Within fast paced and ever changing environments such as the warehousing and logistics sector, ‘teach and repeat’ becomes problematic often resulting in the robot becoming stuck and requiring human intervention. Ultimately this leads to unproductive down time. With advanced dynamic planning Neo 2 handles dynamic environments with ease.

When Neo 2 is deployed in a new facility, the entire space is mapped and a fully-customizable cleaning plan is generated. From that point forward, using the onboard suite of sensors, the Avidbots AI Platform determines the best route to maximize cleaning productivity while minimizing human intervention. Essentially, Neo knows the room and then determines the best route in real-time.

Avidbots Command Center

Whether an organization has one Neo—or an entire fleet of Neos—they can monitor, measure and track each Neo remotely and in real-time from anywhere in the world on any device. The proprietary web-based Avidbots Command Center provides in-depth performance metrics, including:

•Total area cleaned

• Total cleaning time

• Cleaning productivity

• Water consumption

With these metrics over a period of time organizations can optimize their cleaning operation.

Additionally, the Avidbots’ Remote Assistance service supports every Neo with a dedicated Avidbots team, who are on stand-by for each cleaning operation around the world. Should an issue occur, Neo notifies the Avidbots’ experts who will intervene and get it back on track removing the requirement for on-site support.

An innovator in autonomous floor scrubbers, Avidbots provides robotics solutions to some of the world’s biggest companies across manufacturing, warehousing, education, healthcare, airports, retail and beyond.

For over 30 years Beta Solutions Ltd has been a specialist supplier of cleaning machines into various industries, including engineering and fabrication, manufacturing and production, warehousing, distribution and food & beverage industrial process sites throughout the UK.

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