Welcome to the June 15th issue of Warehouse & Logistics News. Congratulations to Kite Packaging, whose new site at Prospero Ansty Park promises to aid Coventry’s transition into a dynamic core that market leaders gravitate toward, appropriately in the year that the city has become UK City of Culture. Spanning over 300,000 sq.ft of logistics and a 26,000 sq.ft. Head Office building, it is likely to be one of the largest buildings to be built in Coventry in the next year, highlighting the record-breaking growth Kite has experienced over the last couple of years.


Interesting to hear that SICK has launched the first multibeam safety scanner in the world to use safe, solid-state LiDAR technology to enable small autonomous vehicles and line-guided shuttle systems to operate more quickly and productively. With the SICK scanGrid2, small transport vehicles like Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs) can operate safely at higher speeds and with higher payloads for a much lower cost-of ownership than has been previously possible using conventional safety laser scanners.

Well done to Exporta which, in celebration of World Ocean Day on 8th June, promoted its commitment to the environment through its Eco Pallets and free plastic pallet collection and recycling scheme. To make it easier for customers to understand the level of environmental impact made by the plastic pallets they use, the firm has introduced an eco-grading system.

Warehouse operators want the loading bay to keep busy. It is however a high-risk environment and operators need sufficient space to allow for the constant interaction between employees, trucks and forklifts. With efficient spatial planning, operators can establish a strong safety culture while minimising bottlenecks and maximising productivity, our loading bay feature reports.

The warehouse and logistics industry is seeking to meet growing demand from the e-commerce market by carrying out multi-shift operations with optimum efficiency. Equipment has to be reviewed, including the power source of forklifts, whether that be ICE or batteries. As the logistics sector continues to meet the demand created by the growth of e-commerce, it is encouraging to see LPG and batteries provide the power to keep warehouses running, says our power sources feature.

National Forklift Safety Day (NFSD) on June 8 provided an opportunity to focus on how operators can reduce the risk of accidents when using materials handling equipment. Pedestrian pallet and stacker trucks have become increasingly prevalent in warehousing operations over the years and are replacing ride-on forklifts for a number of good reasons – a key one of which is safety – for the operator as well as for other personnel, customers or visitors who may be nearby. Their compact footprint and lower cost compared to ride-on trucks have also contributed to their popularity, according to our fork lift trucks feature.

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