You could be forgiven for thinking that plastic will cause the end of the world. That plastic will cause the end of biodiversity and fill our oceans with mile upon mile of floating debris. That’s what the media wants us to believe but it isn’t necessarily true.

As always, when you look past the scaremongering headlines, the truth is a lot more nuanced.

Did you know that many plastic products on sale today are recycled or are completely recyclable? Or that many best-selling plastic products can be reused over and over in new products?

We all appreciate that recycling alone won’t solve the world’s problems but if everyone plays their part, it can make a genuine difference.

Plastic in society

The UK apparently uses around 5 million tonnes of plastic every year. Of that 5 million tonnes, only around 25% is recycled. The rest will be sent to landfill or be incinerated.

That’s not sustainable.

We can all do something about it though. All it takes is some intelligent choices. Choices that can help make industry more sustainable without compromising on the quality of the products we use.

Recycled plastic products

As a leading provider of plastic products, Plastor is at the cutting edge of sustainability. We work tirelessly to source recycled and recyclable products that deliver the same quality and reliability as new plastic.
We think our products and the reviews they receive speak for themselves!

As the majority of the plastic products Plastor sells are used in industry, we are playing our part in reducing waste and making the world more sustainable. It isn’t going to change the world overnight, but it’s a start.
Our plastic products can be found in hospitals, warehouses, factories, kitchens, schools, offices and all kinds of working environments.

For example, our Recycled Plastic Storage Boxes are found across industry providing efficient storage. Our Recycled Plastic Euro Stacking Containers and Recycled Plastic ALC Range can be seen across the country delivering exceptional storage in all kinds of situations.

Finally, our mobile container trucks are some of our most popular products and can be seen in pubs, cafes, kitchens, workshops and anywhere that needs mobile storage.

All these products perform as well as virgin plastic and are all recycled and recyclable!

Sustainable plastic products

If that wasn’t enough, those recycled products we mentioned above, along with many others in Plastor’s inventory can also be recycled.

So not only do they use recycled plastics from other products, they themselves can be recycled when they reach end of life!

These products are not part-recyclable but 100% recyclable. Everything about them can be recycled and reused in new products at some point in the future.

Helping make business more sustainable

We’re not going to pretend that buying some recycled containers or a recycled container truck is going to save the planet, as we all know that’s not true.

What we are going to say is that, by making intelligent choices in purchasing, opting for recycled products over new ones and by minimising single use plastics, we can all contribute to changing the way we live.

If you can do all those things without having to compromise on quality, value, efficiency and reliability, all the better!

Using recycled plastic products that perform years of faithful service within a business that can then be recycled themselves is the most sustainable way to work. It’s also what we call closing the recycling loop and it’s something we can all play our part in doing.

Neil Harris, Director, Plastor Ltd

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