Latest Extension Of The MARK Family Of Products Represents Ideal Entry For Organisations With A Focus On Outbound Processes, Inventory, Assembly

ProGlove, the leader in ergonomic wearables for industry, launches a new wearable scanner. MARK Basic standard range (SR) addresses the needs of organisations with a focus on short distance scanning. Typically, this includes workflow documentations in environments such as outbound processes like packaging, inventory in retail and assembly processes. The new MARK Basic SR processes 1D and 2D barcodes, handles up to 5,000 scans per full-charge and works best at a scan range of 10 to 80 cm. The latest addition to the MARK family of products is available as of May 28th (EU) / June 4th (NA).

MARK Basic SR complements MARK Basic mid range (MR). Both scanners mark an ideal entry for organisations into industrial barcode scanning. Their deployment via plug & play is effortless and addresses the industry’s increased need for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) options. The ProGlove Gateway along with the ProGlove Insight Mobile App as well as the respective SDKs for iOS and Android allow for easy access to the corporate network.

Aside from MARK Basic, ProGlove also offers the premium scanners of the MARK 2 series. These wearable barcode scanners come with a battery charge that can handle up to 10,000 scans. MARK 2 SR and MR also feature greater durability and the option to connect to the corporate network via radio frequency. The MARK Display with an integrated e-ink display is ProGlove’s top seller and rounds off its unique portfolio of wearable barcode scanners.

The wearable scanners of the MARK family of products are the smallest and lightest barcode scanners on the market. With the size of a matchbox and a weight of roughly 40 grams they are easily ten times lighter than conventional barcode scanners. All MARK scanners fully charge in less than two hours. ProGlove provides two different Charging Stations that are compatible with all MARK devices. In addition, ProGlove offers wearable solutions for left and right-handed people in standard industry sizes and the Reel, a clip or lanyard consumable. 

ProGlove Insight leverages MARK’s unique data capturing capabilities to add even more efficiency 

MARK Basic SR – as all scanners of the MARK product family – is of course compatible with ProGlove Insight. This new industry analysis software solution unlocks unprecedented efficiency potential by leveraging the MARKS’ unique capability to capture metadata and contextualise it. Initial customers report efficiency gains of up to 20 percent. These are due to improved processes, shopfloor visualisation, device management with zero touch updates and unique worker wellbeing features.

“We want our devices to narrate the true story of the shopfloor,” said Ilhan Kolko, Chief Product Officer at ProGlove. “But to do that, it is necessary to provide the right solutions that are in demand in the industry. The ProGlove MARK Basic SR is our offer to those industry customers who are looking for an optimal wearable barcode scanner solution as a starter.”

About ProGlove

ProGlove builds the smallest, lightest, and toughest barcode scanners in the world, connecting workers to the Internet of Things. This promotes human-machine collaboration and drives the digitization of the shop floor. More than 500 renowned organizations in manufacturing, production, logistics, and retail use these smarter workforce solutions.

ProGlove was founded in December 2014 after winning the Intel “Make it Wearable” Challenge and is backed by growth-focused investors Summit Partners, DICP Deutsche Invest Capital Partners, and Bayern Capital. The company employs 200 people from over 30 countries with offices in Chicago, Munich (Germany), and Belgrade (Serbia). The World Economic Forum named ProGlove a Technology Pioneer in 2020.

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