Welcome to the May 1st issue of Warehouse & Logistics News. Congratulations to, The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company, who have achieved 20 years in business. From humble beginnings with a team of just five, has grown exponentially over the last 20 years, securing exclusive supplier agreements with some of Europe’s leading manufacturers to offer the largest, most diverse product range available in the UK. Today the plastic pallet experts stock in excess of 160 different styles of plastic pallets, 27 different sizes and styles of plastic pallet boxes and a comprehensive range of smaller plastic containers, crates and trays, our cover story reports.


Well done to Interroll, which has added a system for a wide range of potential users to its successful range of automated sortation solutions with the launch of a new drop tray sorter, the Split Tray Sorter MT015S. The new product makes it easier for companies to enter the e-commerce market or can be used as a flexible addition to existing sortation solutions. Based on the proven mechanical design principles of Interroll sorters, the new Split Tray Sorter ensures maximum availability, very long service life, and fast payback times for the automatic sortation of conveyed goods weighing up to 12 kilograms.

Interesting to hear that following extensive redesign, manufacturing and on-site testing across the world, Stertil Dock Products has launched its latest generation Combilok G2 automated vehicle restraint system. Featuring a unique, advanced operating system, Stertil’s new fully-patented Combilok G2 effectively blocks one of the rear wheels of a vehicle during the loading and unloading process in order to prevent accidents to personnel and damage to goods, vehicles and the warehouse building.

The modern order picking system needs to be automated to meet demand for quick delivery. Digitalisation and optimised processes result in efficiency and transparency. By continually modifying, order picking companies will prosper in the years ahead, says our order picking feature.

The rise in e-commerce orders, driven by the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns, has meant an increased number of returns. With greater demand for fulfilment there is a considerable desire for mezzanine floor solutions, according to our warehouse flooring feature. Now that more heavy automated equipment is used in warehouses, strong mezzanine floors are increasingly required.

Logistics operators have been busier than ever over the last year, due to the Covid-related rise in online shopping, and they are likely to busy for the foreseeable future, our doors and curtains feature reports. With their sites in continuous operation, it is imperative to maintain safety and efficiency. To keep doors in a decent condition and maximise their performance, they need to be serviced regularly.

Enjoy reading the issue.

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